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Posted on Feb. 10, 2019, 8:01 p.m. by Unlife

I've still fiddling with my cEDH deck but just goldfishing it, it feels very erratic still. Manawise, its fairly consistent in terms of ramp and lands. However, I always feel like I'm a card behind in terms of having all the parts to my wincon. Should I add more tutors and draw in but if so, what do I cut? There is a tertiary combo I'm considering with The Locust God and Kindred Discovery but would it be worth it? I'm running Show and Tell // Omniscience , should I find space for Enter the Infinite ? I know the commanders are ideal for cEDH but it's what I'm challenging myself to build off of. The deck is linked below, thanks in advance.

4C Storm/Doomsday

Commander / EDH* Unlife


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