Hello everybody! And welcome to my profile; no clue how you ended up here, but tell me in the comment sections. Enjoy your stay!

I'm a Johnny/Timmy player; I enjoy deckbuilding to it's finest level (within budget) by trying to craft consistent machines... or sometimes just fun decks that revolve around a very odd card or mechanic... Yes, by that I mean Cephalid Constable. I know, it was hard.

LEGACY DECKS: not actual legacy, but my 5 retired mono-colored decks:
Creatures/Devotion: Xylophobia (Fear of the Forest)
Red Deck Wins/Aggro: Luxuria (Hottest RDW)
Discard/Lock: Thiopental (Numbing Euthanasic)
Control/Bounce: Anfractuous (Unnecessarily Tortuous)
Allies/Midrange: Sodium Hypochlorite (White as Fuck!)

My not-so-public collection is about Commander decks, of which I just have 2. Finishing the 10-deck cycle was maddness, so that idea... well. Scratched away. Now going with the flow, as legendaries are put out faster than what it takes me to design and polish a good deck, so... let's carry on slowly... and fuck proxies.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth: Merendipity (Unfocused, but Deadly) Combat Ready
Ephara God"dess" of the Polis: Police Goddess Testing phase
Memnite: deck:full-metal-artifact Not really defined yet... probably red
See you around the site!

PS: Any upvote in any deck will be translated to the sacrifice of an innocent onion (or other vegetable... but mostly onions. Damn them!).

MTG Decks


Commander / EDH* Busse


Anfractuous (Unnecessarily Tortuous)

Legacy Busse

SCORE: 363 | 155 COMMENTS | 43632 VIEWS | IN 139 FOLDERS

Luxuria (Hottest RDW)

Modern Busse

SCORE: 744 | 168 COMMENTS | 248196 VIEWS | IN 339 FOLDERS

Xylophobia (Fear of the Forest)

Legacy Busse

SCORE: 655 | 174 COMMENTS | 55244 VIEWS | IN 260 FOLDERS

Thiopental (Numbing Euthanasic)

Legacy Busse

SCORE: 471 | 169 COMMENTS | 51143 VIEWS | IN 196 FOLDERS

Police Goddess

Commander / EDH* Busse


Merendipity (Unfocused, but Deadly)

Commander / EDH* Busse

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