Hi I'm Ulaemracosi (Ula-emra-cosi), an evil person, playing the otherworldly horrors known as Eldrazi in every format I can and playing control in the formats I can't. I've been playing since 2011, but took a long break during middle school so didn't come back until my school library did an Aether Revolt draft event. That rekindled my passion for the game, leading from the school/after school magic magic to playing Standard in my LGS, which I played until stuff rotated, then while making a new deck I reached out into other formats. Commander was interesting, with my first deck being built around Jodah, Archmage Eternal and just having all my rares tossed in. Modern is fun, as my first deck was Tron of the G/* variety. Legacy I'm edging into, first with my modern tron plus a few cards to get started as I know legacy can cost as much as a car new or used. I hope to someday play U/W control in Modern, but for now I'll be content to play Esper in standard, as there I have most of the cards and can afford to buy new ones as time goes on.

I don't always post, but I try to put up the deck lists of the decks I am currently playing as well as a few oddball decks I play for fun. I am open to advice and suggestions, as I know I get very focused on a single aspect of the game and neglect to see how cards work in other decks. The Arclight Phoenix deck that took modern by storm was surprising to me, as well as the gradual replacement of affinity with harden scales or mono red affinity.

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