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I have been playing since just before Onslaught released in 2002, though I took a long while off as a result of the dark days of Ravager Affinity destroying everything good and fun about MTG on every level of play. I finally returned and began playing competitively for the first time during RTR/THS standard. Religiously played UBx Control for all of THS/KTK standard with a 9th place finish off tiebreakers at SCG Vermont Spring States 2015. I switched to playing modern after becoming tired of standard shortly after OGW released, and it is the only format I currently play competitively.

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JOBaetherrevolt, I'm not sure if you play the deck or not but Anointed Procession is awful in modern tokens, it's extremely slow, has no impact on board state, and does absolutely nothing for the deck beyond being a win more card. 6-8 fetches is the normal number, and no competitive token player would ever run Anointed Procession.

TheDuggernaught, Tethys is exactly correct, additionally a lot of more control leaning builds have been moving away from Spectral because of the extreme mana requirements. Start//Finish is usually a better card in these builds because it combines threat generation and removal into a single card slot which improves flexibility and utility. Not running spectral also allows running more utility lands and double black costs.

April 20, 2018 10:35 p.m.


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