BW Tokens is a midrange attrition deck that includes aspects of aggro and control allowing it to be exceptionally versatile and adaptable. Using efficient discard and removal effects such as Inquisition of Kozilek and Path to Exile to disrupt and respond to opponents, and by relying on token creatures which are functionally identical the deck nullifies the benefits of one for one answers that are prevalent throughout Modern.

In general BW Tokens is heavily favored against Affinity, Death's Shadow Jund, Delver variants, GBx Midrange, and Grixis Death's Shadow.

Additionally BW Tokens is generally favored against Burn, Control, and Midrange decks as well as Wx Death and Taxes variants (excluding Eldrazi and Taxes).

Merfolk historically has been a poor matchup but due to the addition of Fatal Push is now even or slightly favored.

Combo decks, both creature and spell based, such as Abzan Company, Ad Nauseum, Elves, and URx Storm are generally unfavorable and sideboard cards are usually needed to beat them.

Bant Eldrazi, Eldrazi Tron, and Valakut decks are all extremely unfavorable and are hard to beat regardless of sideboard answers.

Gx Tron is as a general rule an unwinnable matchup and usually running specific hate cards for it is ill advised.

BW Tokens is inherently a "Meta" deck and no two lists will be identical due to the need to customize and tune the deck for the meta it will be played in. Sideboard choices should in general avoid narrow answers for specific decks/cards. Instead focus on broad catch all type cards that have applications against a variety of decks/archetypes. This allows the deck to be as flexible as possible which is especially useful when playing in an unknown or large meta such as that of an Open or Grand Prix type event.

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R1 2-0 vs Grixis Shadow

R2 0-2 vs Eldrazi Tron

R3 2-1 vs BW Tokens

R4 2-0 vs GW Emeria

R5 2-0 vs Affinity

R6 Intentional Draw

T8 2-0 vs GW Emeria

T4 1-2 vs Affinity

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