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Hey There. We are a pair of brothers that love to brew and play MTG. We focus almost solely on the Modern Format (although we do play both Legacy and Standard as well; and every once and a while will brew a new deck for those formats if something exciting pops up ) We love Tapped Out, and truly believe that it is a great tool to build the best decks possible through a community of great minds!

Our main philosophy when brewing is "Resource Advantage". We believe having more (1) mana, (2) cards, and/or (3) both mana and cards than your opponent is the largest key to winning a game of Magic. We also are VERY fond of Planeswalkers (as we believe they are the best form of "resource advantage" there is in the game as they represent multiple spells, pseudo-life gain, etc .) We try to build based on this (although some are just fun interactions :)

We have different play-style/brewing preferences that are quite different. Typically:

Gavin prefers:

  1. Izzet based decks. He will sometimes splash a third color, and may not always use blue; however he uses Red in 99% of his decks.
  2. "Fair" decks that utilize the most efficient creatures and interactive spells to keep the opponent off of their game, etc.
  3. Complicated mana bases :)
  4. Card interactions (he likes each card to have multiple uses depending on the other cards in his hand).
  5. Planeswalkers. Gavin believes they are the most advantageous cards in MTG.

Taylor Prefers:

  1. "Combo" / Synergy decks - He likes "the sum is greater than the parts" decks. Devotion, combo, etc. are his favorite decks.
  2. Ramping - 100% of his decks thus far are green-based as Taylor believes mana advantage is the most powerful tool in MTG.
  3. Simic base- while he always uses green, most often it is paired with blue (and a third color sometimes).
  4. Draw "engines" - Taylor likes his permanents to draw cards. ETB triggered creatures, planeswalkers, and/or enchantments are his typical source of card draw.
  5. Planeswalkers - Taylor's planeswalkers tend to be a little more "focused" than Gavin's (I.e. He generally uses them to enhance other permanents in the deck); but he still uses a lot of them :)
  6. Elves - While not all of Taylor's decks are elf decks, most of his favorites are. Taylor has built several Elf decks and has an affinity for them.

Both of us still reach the same "resource advantage" mantra through slightly different means (efficiency vs. synergy); but all the decks will be focused on simply playing more spells than the opponent (which requires more mana and/or cards).

We look forward to learning a great deal from the many members of the site; and hopefully we can add some great decks to the MTG Universe!


Devotion to Green (Modern) W/ Eidolon of Blossoms!

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RUG Super-Friends Multi-Turn

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Elf Devotion (Modern)

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Modern Grixis Rise/Fall

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UWR Lightning Blitz (Modern) (now with Keranos)

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Modern Pure Ramp (*Nissa Worldwaker Added*)

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Modern Geist of Saint Tokens

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Narset/Geist Prowess /Rebound Tempo ("Jeskai Way")

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