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Hi, thanks for stopping by. It's nice to have visitors for a change. I've been playing mtg for a few years now and play it steadily. Or, as steadily as I can, being a poor college student. I usually like to play in the colors green and black, but I will play just about anything for the hll of it. I love more casual formats, like commander and planechase, where everyone is just there to have a good time, but still win. This is the very reason I might build theme decks around plays that I'm in, like Beauty and the Beast or Dracula. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and have a nice rest of your day.

deck currently fixing: All my treasured servos

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QL1Max I appreciate your feedback, and I at least agree on the Prying Blade part. I added it to see how it would fare, but the only time any of these creatures would attack would be if you had a butt-load of servos and just stampede over your opponent. As for the other cards, if this was just a token deck, then they would probably already be in here. Unfortunately, Mechanized Production and Marionette Master specify artifacts, so I'm limiting this deck to artifact tokens.

As for the sideboard, I just put up cards because people were clamoring that it needed one. The thing is, though, I believe that sideboards should be player specific, so if you make this deck, or a version of it, go ahead and add them. I really couldn't care less about the sideboard. These are just kinds of cards I imagine are useful in a sideboard that also pertain to the maindeck.

October 13, 2017 2:34 p.m.

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ABL999 I apologize for ignoring your comment when I first saw it, but if you couldn't tell, I was still in the middle of updating this deck and reverting it completely to commander. I will have to look into some of those cards, though. And for future reference, this deck is lifesap enchantments.

October 6, 2017 2:51 p.m.

Hexcimal, I'm glad you like the deck, and I can definitely see where you are coming from on all these points. Regarding Marionette Master, I'll admit, I mainly put her in as a late game drop that was simultaneously better and cheaper than Angel of Invention, but I still don't see a reason to not put a card in because of cards they could be playing. I understand control and burn are huge, but if everybody put in cards that can't be countered and the like, then everybody would be playing control. I mean, every card has a way to be defeated or can be easily removed, even enchantments are getting popular enough that people are at least putting some anti-enchantments in sideboards. Like I said, I see where you are coming from, but it's risks like this that makes the game fun. Every deck makes some kind of risk. Anyway, To each his own.

Next up is Tezzeret the Schemer. I'll admit, I was considering Vraska for this role a little more mainly because Tezzeret doesn't create treasures or servos, although, looking at him again, I could see him working pretty decently in here. Even with his pseudo-treasures. At the very least, he takes a few extra hits for me, giving me breathing room to create. Not to mention his removal, if needed.

Following is Deadeye Plunderers is more of a meatstick for blocking, or getting rid of blockers. Usually, when I look for cards to go in a deck, I look for synergy with the main theme first, but ultimately (usually) choose cards that happen to synergies. This guy may not be too helpful in the way of producing treasures, but I chose it for the first ability. When the idea is to sit back and let a combo happen, then the last thing you want is someone to outswing you right before your combo is done. Plus, the second ability does come up more often than you would think.

As for Contraband Kingpin and Merchant's Dockhand, I'll have to consider them, I mean, they are easily removable, but I can't ignore their usability. Honestly, though, I do believe I have a good amount of scry and draw with Hidden Stockpile and Treasure Map, but Merchant's Dockhand wouldn't be bad at all...(carefully stroking beard).

In all seriousness, these are great suggestions, I'm glad you like the deck, thank you so much for commenting, and I'll take these into consideration, especially on what to take out, although, I might have a few ideas... Beard Stroke

October 3, 2017 2:08 p.m.




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