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Death is at your door, and he's challenging you.

Casual Aggro BG (Golgari) Multiplayer Necropotence



Knock knock. Anyone home? Now's your chance to handle death itself to take out your foes, just don't take yourself out with this power.

Just a simple, run of the mill black/green deck. Mana ramp early game, kill their stuff mid-game, and enjoy watching the life flow out of their eyes as your spells grow more potent. This deck does run some large stuff, so I would suggest a three mana hand, if you can, or some mana ramp. If you pull two mana and Liliana, the other spells might just be able to keep you alive until she comes out and brings you a steady stream of swamps. Once your mana is up, start bombing them. Pheres-Band Tromper , Corpsejack Menace, Snake of the Golden Grove , and Creakwood Liege are all great examples of some mid game drops to keep the game...interesting. Once you get enough mana, stuff like Crux of Fate, Avatar of Woe, Ulamog's Crusher , and In Garruk's Wake are great late game bombs that are still really good to set up even more. I built this deck when I first started magic to compliment Undergrowth Scavenger . I took one look and fell in love with this underappreciated card. Little did I know that he was but a pawn to the mighty Lord of Extinction. Undergrowth Scavenger and Sewer Nemesis are great cards on their own, but they pale in compairison. Especially in a multiplayer game. Get 4-8 people together and Cord of Calling the Lord of all lords and may have just lost 3-7 friends.

My favorite combos:

Bone Splinters , sac the almighty Lord of Extinction, then play Fated Return to bring him back and make him indestructable. Plus a few bigger.

Eternal Thirst + Ulamog's Crusher . Just keep getting bigger and gaining more life. Once they run out of land, of course.

Corpsejack Menace + Undergrowth Scavenger . Yes, this works. Look it up. If you thought he was insainly big before....

And my all-time favorite, almost impossible combo to get off is Eternal Thirst + Lord of Extinction then play In Garruk's Wake. Ouch. Not to mention just about any of these combos along with Corpsejack Menace + Eternal Thirst attached it fun.

This is my favourite deck and it has come through for me countless times. Even still, I recognize it has faults and I would gladly accept feedback to make it better.


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