how does bestow work

Asked by patrickloyd 4 years ago

if i have one creature on he battle field, and then in my hand i have a bestow creature in my hand. do i cast its bestow cost or pay its mana in the corner of the card then the bestow card? next scenario i have two creatures on the battle field and one has bestow. can i pay its bestow cost attach it to the other creature and once it is on the creature how can i separate them, if all? other scenario, if i already have a bestow creature on another creature and the creature dies do i discard both or only the one that was killed to save the bestowed creature?

DeathByDragons says... #1

Scenario 1: You cast the card for it's Bestow cost enchanting the creature. Only the bestow cost and not the converted mana cost.

Scenario 2: You may only attach the card to a creature if you played it for it's Bestow cost from your hand.

Scenario 3: If you have a creature Bestowed on another creature, when the enchanted creature dies the bestow creature stays on the battlefield as a creature.

October 11, 2013 7:53 p.m.

Epochalyptik says... Accepted answer #2

You could have asked this in the bestow question you just posted not long ago.

Bestow is an alternate cost. You pay either the mana cost or the bestow cost. If you pay the bestow cost, bestow applies a replacement effect that changes the characteristics of the spell.

Bestow is not an activated ability. Bestow costs can't be paid once the bestow card is on the battlefield.

If a creature is enchanted by a bestowed card and leaves the battlefield, the bestowed card will revert to being a creature and will remain on the battlefield.

Also, discarding is putting a card from your hand into your graveyard. Destruction and other battlefield-to-graveyard events are not discarding.

October 11, 2013 7:57 p.m.

patrickloyd says... #3

so it is only from your hand you play bestow and not from the battle field. and if the bestowed creature dies the bestower stays not to bestow another creature

October 11, 2013 7:57 p.m.

Epochalyptik says... #4

@DeathByDragons: Two things.

First, you cast spells for their mana costs, not for their converted mana costs.

Second, your answer to #2 is a bit unclear. You need to specify that a card may only be bestowed as a spell. Your answer may imply that it's possible to attach a bestow creature to another creature once both are on the battlefield if the bestow creature had been cast for its bestow cost earlier.

October 11, 2013 7:59 p.m.

patrickloyd says... #5

what is the difference in mana and converted mana cost and i mean if both creatures are on the battle field can i pay bestow cost to enchant the other creature

October 11, 2013 8:07 p.m.

DeathByDragons says... #6

Kk. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I wrote that kind of hurriedly, will try to be more specific next time.

October 11, 2013 8:20 p.m.

Epochalyptik says... #7


Mana cost is the exact value of the symbols in the upper right corner of a card.

Converted mana cost is the colorless equivalent of the symbols in the upper right corner of a card.

For example:
The mana cost is 2GG.
The converted mana cost is 4.

As we went over, bestow is not an activated ability. It is an alternate casting cost. You can only pay a bestow cost if you're casting the card. Also, you can bestow a card from any zone from which you could cast the card as long as the rules for casting from that zone allow you to pay the bestow cost.

For example:
Intet, the Dreamer
You may cast the exiled cards without paying their mana costs. Casting something without paying its mana cost is an alternate means of casting a spell. You can't pay two alternate costs, and you must use the "without paying its mana cost" cost when you cast the exiled cards. Therefore, you can't bestow a creature exiled by Intet, the Dreamer 's ability.

Chandra, Pyromaster
The 0 ability allows you to cast the exiled card, but it doesn't specify how you must cast it. You are free to cast the exiled card by paying its bestow cost.

October 11, 2013 8:26 p.m.

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