War's Toll + Trove of Temptation + Koskun Falls interactions?

Asked by Kyte524 7 months ago

If I have all three of these on the field, and on my opponents turn they cast a spell before combat, does this mean they can't attack with one creature?

Are their any other odd things having all three of these cards out at once cause?

This is for an EDH deck, so you can also assume there is more than just myself the opponent can attack.

Neotrup says... Accepted answer #1

If you have Koskun Falls and Trove of Temptation on the battlefield the Trove of Temptation does not compel your opponent to attack you, as it does not force them to pay the cost. If you have a planeswalker out they will have to either attack the planeswalker or pay the mana to attack you.

If you control War's Toll and Koskun Falls with no planeswalkers in a 1v1 game, your opponent gets to choose whether to attack with each creature they control, as they are not compelled to pay costs.

If you control War's Toll, Koskun Falls, and Trove of Temptation with no planeswalkers in a multiplayer game, your opponent can choose whether or not to attack. If they do attack, and there is an opponent they can attack without making a payment, they have to attack with all their creatures.

If you control War's Toll, Koskun Falls, Trove of Temptation and a planeswalker your opponent will be compelled to use one creature to attack either you or your planeswalker and all there other creatures will be compelled to attack something. Could be you (if they pay the cost), your planeswalker, or another player. Because they can satisfy Trove of Temptation without paying a cost they are compelled to, and because they are attacking and can satisfy War's Toll without paying a cost they are compelled to do that as well.

August 4, 2018 2:32 p.m.

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