Can i search my library and not pick a card?

Asked by takeaseathoney 2 years ago

example: i have Arboria , Elfhame Sanctuary and two copies of Sterling Grove on the battlefield. could i choose to not pick any land cards with elfhame when i search? in other words, am i forced to pick a land card and put it in my hand when i search?

Neotrup says... Accepted answer #1

No, in part because your opponent has no way of knowing if there are any basic lands in your library.

May 24, 2017 3:33 a.m.

Epochalyptik says... #2

If you have to search a hidden zone, such as a hand or a library, for a card with certain characteristics, you may "fail to find" a card even if one exists in that zone. As Neotrup said, this is, in part, because other players can't verify that a suitable card exists in that hidden zone.

If, however, you're instructed to search a hidden zone for a card without specific instructions about what kind of card it has to be, then you need to choose a card.

May 24, 2017 10:02 a.m.

takeaseathoney says... #3

cool thank you guys :)

May 24, 2017 4:26 p.m.

takeaseathoney says... #4

i wish i could mark both of you as answer :( but neutrup was first, sry

May 24, 2017 4:27 p.m.

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