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Posted on March 19, 2013, 6:24 p.m. by qv15langx

I am having some trouble with my Garruk, Leader of the Black Walkers recently. I feel like it is too slow, and i ma looking to find some cards to take out and put in to make the deck a bit faster. It is a golgari sacrifice planeswaler edh deck if that helps with anything. All help is very appreciated

killroy726 says... #2

This would be considered a archmage deck. As for your mana shortage I would suggest more mana ramp-y stuff the only thing I saw was very few. my preference would be stuff like Llanowar Elves, or if your into big stuff Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger or you might add in some instants & sorcery's for mana like Harrow, or Rampant Growth just my thoughts. Any way here is my archmage deck Chandra Archmagus

March 19, 2013 8:52 p.m.

qv15langx says... #3

Thanks, i will try to work those cards in, and i think harrow will work especially well.

March 19, 2013 8:57 p.m.

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