Geistflame Reservoir

Geistflame Reservoir


Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a charge counter on this.

, : Remove a charge counters form this: This deals that much damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

, : Exile the top card of your library. You may play that card this turn.

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Geistflame Reservoir Discussion

GrimlockVIII on Son of Sprite Dragon

1 month ago

Hey paintman37. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh yeah the Azorius variant definitely has a lot of neat synergies, especially with the white magecraft dudes.

I'd say that Stormchaser Drake definitely fits better in the Izzet variant since drawing two cards off Ancestral Anger is too sweet to pass up. Plus it's easier to give him haste via Kick in the Door to make sure he doesn't just sit there to get his teeth kicked on your opponent's turn.

Voltaic Visionary  Flip might be worth looking into, but I'm a little hesitant about Geistflame Reservoir since the mana sinks seem better fit for a control deck rather than an aggro deck.

paintman37 on Son of Sprite Dragon

1 month ago

Fun Deck! Been using it on arena for a bit and I love how it plays. A few things that I've been tweaking that might be helpful. Sea Gate Stormcaller on your maybeboard; I've been running an azorius deck that uses Stormchaser Drake in the same way, and honestly it does not help as much as it looks like it should. It can do some crazy combo stuff with Orvar, but it's very rare, plus you need a ton of mana to keep it going for good results. Things I added to the deck to help it were Geistflame Reservoir and Voltaic Visionary  Flip because the card draw they give you is great if you've got nothing but lands or creatures in your hand. Also I added some Den of the Bugbear's because it's a cheap manland that a lot of people don't expect.

LandoLRodriguez on VOW - Grixis Control

3 months ago

Hello again! You'll probably hear from me fairly frequently, if you don't mind, since you and I are doing the same thing in the same colors, and I'll always be interested in the direction you take your deck. I put my list up here Arena Grixis Control if you'd like to take a look. I've been running it on arena since MID came out and while I miss Kroxa and Sharknado and such, it's still been pretty fun. We've certainly both zeroed in on some of the same new toys; Gisa fits in very nicely, considering how many of our opponents' creatures we'll be zapping every game. Yes, Smoldering Egg  Flip definitely deserves at least 2 slots! In principal, I want to be really minimal with creatures in this scheme and only really want big splashy ones, but the egg just accomplishes so much. Like you said, a 0/4 blocker early game is great to have, especially with all the aggro in the meta right now. It doesn't take too long to spend 7 mana on instants and sorceries and once the egg hatches and each one sends 2 damage anywhere (not to mention it's now a 4/4 flyer) it gets really fun. I'm running a couple copies of Tergrid  Flip because not only do I love how sacrifice removal like Soul Shatter and Umbral Juke (plus Totally not Liliana's -3) gets around both hexproof and indestructible (screw you, Toski), but I've had other folks drain me out with Tergrid's Lantern and thought "Hey, that's just mean enough to want to do myself". I hadn't really considered Lier; getting access to all the instants and sorceries in the graveyard is definitely great, but a lot of games have hinged on countering the right spell at the right time and I wouldn't want her taking that chance away. I still definitely recommend Xanathar, and would also encourage throwing at least 1 copy of Hall of Storm Giants in (it's proven really invaluable as both a threat when the battlefield is clear but I'm top decking for a closeout bomb, and as a nice fat blocker if the opponent has managed to keep some stuff). If there was one card I'd strongly recommend that perhaps you hadn't considered though, it's Geistflame Reservoir. Getting it out on turn 3, it doesn't take many turns before it's capable of doing a considerable amount of damage to any target for just 2 mana. Plus it can help dig through the library if necessary. I've loved it and will likely slot in a second one at some point. Anyway, that's probably enough for now. Enjoy your Grixising!