Brenard, Ginger Sculptor
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Brenard, Ginger Sculptor

Legendary Creature — Human Artificer

Each creature you control that's a Food or a Golem gets +2/+2 and has trample.

Whenever another nontoken creature you control dies, you may exile it. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that creature, except it's a 1/1 Food Golem artifact creature in addition to its other types and it has "2, , Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life."

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Gidgetimer on Brenard and Tarmogoyf?

1 month ago

You can link cards by enclosing their names in double brackets.

Brenard, Ginger Sculptor


Tarmogoyf has what is known as a "characteristic-defining ability" (CDA), as do all */* cards. When a copy effect changes a characteristic that is being defined by a CDA, the CDA isn't copied. Tarmogoyf will be a 1/1.

707.9d When applying a copy effect that doesn’t copy a certain characteristic, retains one or more original values for a certain characteristic, or provides a specific set of values for a certain characteristic, any characteristic-defining ability (see rule 604.3) of the object being copied that defines that characteristic is not copied.

FauxFaux on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Brenard, Culinary Castellan

Legendary Planeswalker - Brenard

Whenever ~ enters the battlefield, create 3 Food Tokens. As an additional cost to activate ~'s abilities, either create or sacrifice a Food Token for each counter removed or placed onto ~.

+1: Up to one target Food or artifact you control becomes a X/X Golem creature token with "This creature's power and toughness are equal to the number of Foods you control." until the end of your next turn.

-2: You may put a colorless, non-creature artifact from your hand onto the battlefield. It becomes a 3/3 Colorless Food Golem creature.

-7: You get an emblem with "Whenever an artifact, Food, or Golem creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may gain 3 life, or have target opponent lose 3 life."


It's Brenard, Ginger Sculptor! But a walker!

Time for a challenge;

I'd like to see a Garuuk Orign style Flip-walker! See Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip or Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip

Tsukimi on (Feedback appreciated!) Tsukimi, Root's Mirror

5 months ago

Brefin I would definitely recommend checking out Brenard, Ginger Sculptor. He's a lot of fun to play and plays a lot differently from Roon who was also my first first commander for this deck! There's a lot of different directions you can take Brenard. Tsukimi is also a blast if you wanted to try a custom commander!

Tsukimi on (Feedback appreciated!) Tsukimi, Root's Mirror

6 months ago

Tsukimi, Root's Mirror

Legendary creature - Moonfolk Druid

Whenever you create a creature token for the first time each turn, investigate.

, Sacrifice four clue tokens: Populate.


I've had a bant token deck for a long time that's had at least... 6 different commanders? It's more a stack of 99 cards, but it's unique and I haven't seen another deck like it. Never found a commander that felt like a good fit. When Brenard, Ginger Sculptor came out I gave him a shot, but it's a very different deck and not as fun. I was excited for the Bant Clue commander deck but both of the commanders look kind of boring. So this is my attempt to merge the bant copy/populate deck I love with a clue/investigate theme. It might be too strong atm, I want to edit it after I get feedback and then I'll playtest. (And the custom card) The name and card in general are a first draft, I'd love feedback and suggestions, thanks for reading!

Tsukimi on Card creation challenge

10 months ago

He Who Returns


When He who Returns enters the battlefield you may sacrifice three creatures.

Whenever a creature you control dies, put a Verse counter on He Who Returns.

Remove three Verse counters from He Who Returns: Return target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.

"Sacrifice, the highest virtue of the Avacynian Church, makes for an deliciously malleable congregation."

Make a fun card for my new favorite commander Brenard, Ginger Sculptor

Tsukimi on Killing your Darlings

10 months ago

I have a Bant Copy/Populate deck that I have posted about a few times over the years, my favorite deck and a blast to play. The commander (Chulane) was basically on permanent vacation in the command zone while I played with a glorious stack of 99 singleton. I'm very excited to finally have a token commander in Bant with the advent of Brenard, Ginger Sculptor.

I have tried to meld my previous decklist with some more cards that will benefit from/work well with Brenard. So a few of the best splicers to buff our golems, more sac outlets, etc.

At this point, I think the deck has a lil bit of a split identity issue. A lot of the big splashy creatures to act as copy targets for tokens have been cut, as well as a lot of single token producers like Quasiduplicate and Croaking Counterpart have been cut since we can generate tokens more reliably. However, I think the deck still needs some work- but I am too close to kill my darlings. There are definitely too may 4CMC drops but every one thats there is a superstar in the deck as of now. I think I need more low CMC copy targets (3 CMC or less probably) to be already out when I cast Brenard. Also, my playgroup is very fun/casual, we avoid infinite combos and the like.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on thoughts, cuts, and replacements, really any thoughts! I was so excited when Brenard was spoiled and I have been working on this deck for a week straight and am too close at this point lol.

Can't Catch Me, I'm the GingerBant Man!

janitorstyle on How do */* creatures interact …

10 months ago

For instance, if Brenard, Ginger Sculptor creates a copy of Awakened Amalgam, is the token a 1/1 (3/3 because of Brenard's first ability) or does awakened amalgam's ability override its base 1/1 power and toughness?

Similarly, what happens if you play Biomass Mutation while you have an Awakened Amalgam on the battlefield? Does Awakened Amalgam's power and toughness change to X/X until end of turn?

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