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24 August 2023


Good day everyone! My name is berryjon, and I welcome you all to Pattern Recognition, TappedOut's longest running article series. I am something of an Old Fogey and a definite Smart Ass, and I have been around the block quite a few times. My experience is quite broad and deep, and so I use this series to try and bring some of that to you. Be it deck design, card construction, mechanics or in-universe characters and the history of the game. Or whatever happens to catch my attention each week. Which happens far more often than I care to admit. Please, feel free to talk about my subject matter in the comments at the bottom of the page, add suggestions or just plain correct me.

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today, I have a special update for you. You see, after I built my Brawl deck, I decided to take it out for a spin on Arena to see how it played out before Wilds drops and I do some updates there. And, because I have a more powerful computer this time, I recorded myself playing it! So, here's the video, and I'll provide some commentary after the fact for you all.

Round 1

Timestamp 2:07 - Deciding between keeping the Bushwhack for the land search or for the later fight was decided for the former as I wasn't sure that I would be in a proper position to fight the Duelist on Turn 4. And more mana in hand means I don't miss any land drops, which is always good! And as I mentioned, it also helped make sure I had for Tribute to the World Tree later.

3:15 - Yeah, that lasted long. sigh

3:44 - Vigilance works both way, past me! At least I had waited a turn for Samut, so I could recast her next turn.

5:00 - Etali didn't hit anything huge, but having additional blockers made for a smooth game plan going forward.

7:25 - Etali really does bend the game around him, as my opponent was saving removal just for him. I don't mind that at all, as long as you have a plan for the followup!

8:00 - Flying on a 7/7? That's never spelled the end of anyone, ever.

9:10 - Sadly, I have to click on each activation separately. I almost wish it was ": This creature gets +X/+0 until the end of the turn." for convenience's sake.


Round 2


12:03 - In the words of the Professor "Reading the Card, explains the Card!" Which I don't do.

13:13 - This can't be unintended. Spite onto the Invasion has to be designed that way.


Round 3

14:30 - It doesn't help that I know a guy by the name of Donovan in real life.

17:52 - I decided to keep mana up to protect Samut just in case, rather than the more immediate option. I stand by my decision.

20:00 - I'm not short op options here. Warcrafting, Takedown, City on Fire, and the Command? At this point, it's not if I win, it's how I win.

Not much to say about this match. I feel like my opponent never really got their game plan going, and I was just on the ball the entire time. Sorry man, better luck next time.


Round 4

22:50 - I got greedy and pushed ahead, which was dumb. Mistakes were made!

23:15 - Speaking of - No PW? That's... troubling. Also, I should put the Sylex into my Gruff deck for reasons.

24:30 - Playing knowing the Sunfall is coming next turn affect my calculations. This time. Unlike last time.

And another win where my opponent never got their deck in motion. Never cast their commander even!

I'm really coming around to this deck.


Round 5

28:15 - Seriously? You quit over that? THAT? You know what, that doesn't count.

Not much to say as I did do live commentary for the most part. I think I demonstrated how the deck works, so now really, it's time to go see how to upgrade it into Historical Brawl and/or Commander.

Your opinions are always welcome, so feel free to make suggestions below. I'll see you all next week!

Until then please consider donating to my Pattern Recognition Patreon. Yeah, I have a job, but more income is always better. I still have plans to do a audio Pattern Recognition at some point, or perhaps a Twitch stream. And you can bribe your way to the front of the line to have your questions, comments and observations answered!

This article is a follow-up to Pattern Recognition #293 - Samut of the Brawl The next article in this series is Pattern Recognition #295 - Commander Samut

legendofa says... #1

I like the video format. You mention that you're glad you're not a streamer, since you would have a hard time keeping the monologue going. You do a good job explaining what your plan is, and what your guess for the opponent is. Maybe expand on that by going into why you're doing what you're doing, and why you think your opponent is doing what they're doing. Talk about what you see as the strengths and weakness of each commander. Add a little insight and analysis, some color commentary to the play by play. Nothing too deep, just enough to keep a conversation going.

The video looked good, and I think you can bring this format out again once in a while, for deck tests and similar articles.

August 25, 2023 11:50 a.m.

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