Old Fogey

Old Fogey

Creature — Dinosaur

Phasing, cumulative upkeep (1), echo, fading 3, bands with other Dinosaurs, protection from Homarids, snow-covered plainswalk, flanking, rampage 2

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Old Fogey Discussion

rotimislaw on Pattern Recognition #199 - A …

4 months ago

When I read at the beginnig „Each mechanic isn't new (…)”, I thought <What? Wild West theme without dueling gunslingers? You had a good idea on Duelist keyword some time back!>

But you didn’t fail me after all, Old Fogey

kpres on Card creation challenge

11 months ago

Hoarse Horse

Creature - Horse

Humans you control have Bands with Horses.

Other Horses you control have Rampage 1

Whenever a Horse attacks in a band, regenerate it.


Create a card using a really old, retired ability. See Old Fogey for inspiration.

Pheardemons on Pattern Recognition #172 - Moving …

11 months ago

berryjon - First of all, I've been following this since article one and will continue to read these as long as you are putting them out! Hopefully you never stop haha.

Secondly, I'm sorry if you have already written on this topic (or something similar), but would an article about the power creep in magic be something that could be explored? For example, the volume of standard bannings in just the past couple of years and printings of cards like Oko, Thief of Crowns that needed to be banned in almost every format he is legal in. These are but two examples, but I'm sure an Old Fogey like you sees a lot more than a mere newcomer (in comparison) would even recognize.

Have you written about secret lairs at all? Not sure, but that could be apart of the topic. Plus, the whole Walking Dead Secret Lair controversy. Directional changes that Wizards (or maybe Hasbro?) is taking that many are complaining are stilting the game. Curious about your thoughts.

Would you say these changes (be it directional changes, power creep, or something else) are still apart of the NWO? Has the NWO itself changed since Wizards implemented it way back when? Is that even possible?

SquirrelPenguin on Help!

1 year ago

How does Old Fogey even work? i have barely even heard of any of its abilities.

berryjon on None

1 year ago

I'm a Plant? A PLANT?

Look, just because I'm an Old Fogey and thus, don't get out much, doesn't mean that I get an infestation of Creeping Mold on me! Yeesh.


OLucas on Mono-White Keyword Banding

1 year ago

I recommend putting Old Fogey in the sideboard looking fondly at the convoluted battlefield thinking it's almost as good as damage staking.

Gleeock on Pattern Recognition #144 - Red …

1 year ago

I like the piece about all colors developing as time goes on, this seems to be lost on some people who aren't Old Fogey's. If red was set in stone there would be little reason to play it in a multiplayer format. What I've seen more of is new aspects to each color (or pairs) pushing the envelope of politics & scaling & doing it in a way unique to a color. A favorite simple example is with Scheming Symmetry.

autompne on Selvala Brostorm

2 years ago

Old Fogey is fun if your play group allows it, love the flavor. I'm testing Summer Bloom , Krosan Wayfarer and Eater of Days (i know these cards are sorta bad buti like them hehe, but I am playing in a meta that doesn't allow inf combos, so no sabertooth, staff or umbral.

Was wondering if you had any recommendations for deck changes if you can't play those three cards (sabertooth, umbral, staff) so you have to rely on fully storming out without inf mana? In my testing I am still able to pull off turn 3-5 wins consistently, but there could be improvements i am missing.

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