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Have you tried Demigod of Revenge in the deck. A cool deck was on channel fireball a couple weeks back with it and blood moon, could be a post sideboard thing. List here:

June 24, 2017 11:06 p.m.

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How does the deck have negative upvotes? It seems very good btw, been following a few mono black devotion decks for modern lately.

June 23, 2017 10:32 a.m.

So, have we nominated Razaketh for Tier 0 or 0.5 yet lol?

June 23, 2017 12:45 a.m.

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Both sonnet and gigi have nice lists.

June 23, 2017 12:39 a.m.

@Vampire_Lord ik you are deciding between grixis and esper, i personally believe esper has the best control pieces right now. The best removal in the format is anguished unmaking, your effective life is 25 on average over 20 with grixis, the removal is more finite and gets around hexproof often, solemnity comes out soon which ends energy decks that you were worrying about, and the finishers are versatile and get the job done. Overall, the best control colors right now.

June 22, 2017 4:49 p.m.

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I feel like you could put razaketh here and nearly the same thing would happen. Probably not too many tweaks to be made. Mentioned the deck in the edh tiers discussion too btw.

June 22, 2017 4:41 p.m.

Why not try storm with the zero mana creatures to sac, ad nauseum, and tendrils?

June 22, 2017 4:13 p.m.

I feel like Sheldon is going to likely ban Razaketh for reasons similar to Griselbrand. Mono Black does not have a hard time getting to 8 just to go off either. I mean, look at thegigibeast's Griselbrand deck, that thing is busted, I am thinking it will be at least on par with Black Sidisi though.

June 22, 2017 2:44 p.m.

@Vampire_Lord Yes, I have several cards in mind already. Supreme Will will go in over Anticipate; Solemnity will be in the side as it shuts down all energy and counters strategies; Oketra's Last Mercy might make the deck; still looking forward to the UB God, Razaketh, and Kefnet's Last Whatever.

Ixalon is going to be interesting, most of my cards will rotate, White and Blue have enough support right now to continue after rotation since all my reasons for running black will have rotated, otherwise I might have to go Jeskai or Bant for a time (hopefully there is support for esper). The exile all attacking creatures card will be fantastic as well as a lot of hatebear cards. Hatebears might even be standard viable which I love hatebears and Death and Taxes strategies. The Have Lands will be way better than the Show Lands, so the manabase will be even better. Not enough is spoiled about Hour and Ixalon to know for that time, the locust god looks awesome though. Just a few more cards I have my eyes on for Hour and maybe still some surprises.

I still need to write a primer for this deck too, I have neglected that heavily and have been really busy. I am going to a pptq Saturday, I think I am going to take this deck over my fog deck. The funny thing is, the fog deck has basically not lost against anything other than marvel, which is now banned, but I feel way more comfortable with this deck despite slightly better results of fog. This deck has lost twice to things other than marvel since AKH started, but those were pretty unlucky games where I would keep 3 lands and never draw another. I will post the results either Saturday or Sunday. I will also update the deck once spoilers are complete.

June 22, 2017 midnight

Maybe add some land destruction spells outside of the combo, like Stone Rain and Molten Rain.

June 15, 2017 10:41 p.m.


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