Thanks everyone for 50 upvotes and nearly 7500 views, I will be keeping up with this deck for a long time and will make changes every new set. Let's keep pushing for 100 upvotes and 10000 views.

The deck is performing very well right now too with around a 70-75% record in testing still. Many of my comments and updates explain how the deck functions.

Currently also working on a turbofog deck Visions of the Turbofog and an Izzet Prowess deck Izzet Flood. Don't forget to hit the upvote button.


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The meta seems to have boiled down to nearly 2 decks: Temur Pummeler and Energy Constrictor. While Zombies, Delirium, and Vehicles will show up, I think that there will be less than those 2 decks, but I have still packed the hate for them. I think a few Control decks will come out still as well, but I have moved most of the anti control pieces to the side. Humans is going to get destroyed both games if anyone brings that. I don't think there is much I should be scared of, but I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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