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Ghost Dad's Circus Stampede Playtest

Standard* mrbloo1848

SCORE: 71 | 1 COMMENTS | 16586 VIEWS Top 8: 05/10

Aurelia's Black Berets Playtest

Standard* mrbloo1848

SCORE: 97 | 3 COMMENTS | 18745 VIEWS Top 8: 09/20

Corrupted Hallucinations Playtest

Standard mrbloo1848

SCORE: 50 | 0 COMMENTS | 10986 VIEWS Top 8: 05/17

Zegana's X-Men Playtest

Standard* mrbloo1848

SCORE: 41 | 8 COMMENTS | 6737 VIEWS Top 8: 06/14

Ghost Dad's Big Game Hunt Playtest

Standard mrbloo1848

SCORE: 38 | 16 COMMENTS | 9768 VIEWS Top 8: 10/25

Hell Gate: Vizkopa Playtest

Standard* mrbloo1848

SCORE: 154 | 5 COMMENTS | 28612 VIEWS Top 8: 02/28
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Said on Ghost Dad's Big ......


corythackston, Ajani, Mentor of Heroes used to be in the deck along with one-of's of other threats. I opted to exclude him in the new build and instead add more copies of said threats. His non-bo with Blood Baron of Vizkopa significantly hurts the synergy so he wasn't worth running in the deck. Every time I drew him, I wish it was just something else instead. He was fun while he lasted, though.

Scavenging Ooze gives me better matchup against dredge and monoblack (only in game one in this matchup though since I side them out), the latter being prevalent in my meta.

Also, in a lot of cases based on my experience, Scavenging Ooze is a lot better against faster aggro decks since they get the option to easily play around Desecration Demon . However, I still see where you're coming from. It's just a meta-based choice I made.

Thanks for the comment!

August 8, 2014 9:57 p.m.