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Commander is the one true format.

All other formats are false formats and degenerate; Those in opposition will be destroyed by the crushing weight of our double hard-sleeved, all foil, full-art Unstable land 100 card decks in bullet proof metal fire-safe cases."

I don't actually believe that, but it is just fun to prod at people.

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Said on Core 19 = ......



i... i don't know. รต_0

now i have to check.


I wasn't seriously saying the set was bad; people just don't care to actually read beyond the headline. or, they have such poor reading comprehension that even if they did cross that big text threshold, they still were not able to distill the message of the overall piece.

I agree with you and others who understand M19. Contrary to what my detractors say about me above, I don't believe M19 is a bad set. i think the set was a giant success, actually. it hit a homerun with lore, and had some pretty sorely needed reprints in it for the returning players. win/win.

We get a good set with valid reprints... WoTC makes money... we are all happy

Core sets were the long needed entry-point for new players, and i think M19 does a great job with that, too. Going back to the lore, it also gets new players in on some of the longer running historical events. Combine this set with Dominaria, and a new player has a pretty good primer on what the main storyline is about.

i didn't draft it nor have i even touched the set yet, except to snap up multiples of Scapeshift and Crucible of Worlds. but what i hear from everyone i have talked to, and from just looking at the cards, i can tell that M19 is doing well at reestablishing the faith that the game is here to stay for a long time.

Saying that the past three sets, Dominaria, Battlebond, and M19 being such bright points of the game isn't Pollyanna of me at all, i think.

People in my original post got realllllllllllllllllllllly salty when i brought up issues with card and set quality prior to Dominaria. But you cannot deny that the cards physical quality is much better than it was in Ixalan block. And this lone fact is deffinetly a sign of the game moving in the right direction.

"Fun", however, that is subjective.

i still maintain that Ixalan was an enormous let-down, and nothing will change my mind about that.

i still maintain that Amonkhet block was boring to play, and hackney in concept. Again: not budging on this.

But a lot of people enjoyed those sets.


That's them.

and that isn't to say those sets didn't have good cards... i am an EDH player, and i have seen more than i wished to of The Immortal Sun. And "Jace, the Pole Dancer" pretty fun in casual Superfriends.

I loved the cards Solemnity and Approach of the Second Sun from Amonkhet block. and i have a garbage but fun Cycling EDH deck that i never would have been able to build the right way had it not been for Amonkhet bringing back the original cycling mech. fuckin'... praise the sun for that.

anyway, I don't think it is wrong to say that there was a recent dark period, that the newer sets have pulled us from. and hopefully we can stay out of the quagmire.

but that won't stop the "ugh the game is dying/dead ugh" whiners. History repeats itself with C18's not yet complete spoiler season... people are already picking at whatevet they can about it.

i am surprised that i haven't seen anyone groussing about the fact that 3 of the planeswalker commanders are female, and 2 of those females are non-white.

well... time to read some YouTube comments... i am sure i will find something that will make me wish nuclear war wipes us all out before the next Ravnica sets.

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