I started playing magic well over 15 years ago, but I dropped out of the loop around Weatherlight. I recent rejoined the ranks of magic players, thanks to an insurmountable amount of badgering from my friends, around the time Scars of Mirrodin dropped.

I am Blue/Black
I am Blue/Black
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I'm both selfish and rational. I'm scheming, secretive and manipulative; I use knowledge as a tool for personal gain, and in turn obtaining more knowledge. At best, I am mysterious and stealthy; at worst, I am distrustful and opportunistic.

If you have questions, or want me to check out one of your decks, just let me know! My specialty is the Standard environment, but I'm starting to familiarize myself with Modern.


Esper Refined

Standard* djgunn


Esper Delver

Standard* djgunn


Esper Superfriends

Standard* djgunn

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