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Hey my name is Johannes and I come from germany. I have been playing magic very unregularly since around 2004. Currently I am pretty interested in the new standard rotation and I am looking forward to attend more FNM events with new and interesting decks, that are fun to play with.

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May I suggest Herald’s Horn ? In combination with Divining Top, Isolated Watchtower, Dark-Dweller Oracle, Goblin Recruiter/Ringleader, and Path of Ancestry (another recommendation) we do have quite a few scry/top of your deck effects which synergize with each other.

I am rather fond of Squee, the Immortal since he's always giving you something to do on your turn. You can chump, skullclamp him away or push your devotion in red for Purphoros/Nykthos. As a mono red deck, you mustn't waste your cards and get every tiny possible drop of value out of them. This is a rather cheap, expendable and recursive creature that protects your other cards from being wasted.

Springleaf Drum - I have seen not a single person using this artifact in a token edh deck so far - I would suggest it as a "budget-mox" at least.

Last but not least: Goblin Chainwhirler - arguably one of the best cards in standard right now is a tutorable token/manadork boardwipe, which is giving you 3 devotion for 3 mana. The more competetive your meta is, the more you'll see 1 toughness elves and birds.

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Krenko - Aggro Goblins

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