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Ok so first off, calculatron is a legal commander as of right now. proof straight from MaRo

as for Gwafa,

1: creatures dont matter the most. it is relevant also when facing tymna in addition to the ones listed above. but creatures are really relevant sometimes. just would not depend on them.

2: the bigger downside is more obvious: WHY THE ---- ARE YOU GIVING THEM MORE CARDS? enough games are decided by pure CA/draw power alone that you would be hurting yourself more than helping.

December 9, 2017 4:03 a.m.

CyborgAeon I believe the rule existed more of as a "dont post it if you cant handle criticism". I believe the description might have said something about that a while back but idk. Most people tend to put a budgeted list, an unoptimal one, or one thats wayyy too high on the avg cmc scale if not a combination of the 3. so if you can handle our criticism and think you have an optimal list, throw it here.

December 6, 2017 9:02 p.m.

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whoops never argued with the artifact package- kinda need it for acceleration/utility. If you dont like it might I suggest null rod or more artifact destruction to get rid of cursed totem

November 29, 2017 9:40 a.m.

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Ok lets try to answer these suggestions in order

-Defense Grid- might be worth a test. My problem is that it just gives blue decks the all clear to go ahead before we get value from it.

-Siege-Gang Commander- This is still too high cmc for me to justify it with the relatively low payoff it gives

-Red Elemental Blast and/or Pyroblast- agree. both are coming in.

-Goblin War Strike- not too keen on cards like this since I dont tend to have many gobbos unless im in the process of going off already. might be testworthy when I slot in neheb for testing now

-All the fetch lands that work on mountains- too much suppression field in my meta to justify it right now.

-Madblind Mountain/Coldsteel Heart- coming into play tapped is a huge downside

-Scroll Rack- Id rather run wheels cause it doesnt offer card advantage, I dont have access to good shuffle effects in R. If I had blue then maybe.

-Ruination- testworthy

-Mutavault- id be more willing for this. prob will be tried after ruination

-Herald's Horn- 3 mana is a bit high. ill keep it in maybeboard if neheb AA falls short

-Ogre Battledriver/Moggcatcher- mana cost too high IMO

-Geosurge/Seething Song- prob will use this more

What Id (maybe) cut:

-Vesuva/Thespian's Stage- I guess true.

-Reckless Bushwhacker- I understand the arguement but a 2 mana haste outlet and minor buff is too good to give up atm

-Magus of the Wheel-Wheels are good. red doesnt have much draw power so putting up a blocker for sygg, tymna, and some others is relevant. Also helps with the problem of red's tendency to overextend with little backup plan

-I think your artifact package should probably be cut. Due to artifacts being all over cEDH, Goblin Welder is really strong even without the other artifacts you have, but I dont see Daretti, Scrap Savant being useful for how slow he is.

-Priest of Urabrask- im like 98% sure now im taking this out.

-Dualcaster Mage- yeah I get what youre saying but I have many reasons why I keep it in. First, its great for counter wars to stop opponents from winning. Second, dualcastering a flicker spell, counterspell, silence, or turn spell (narset) is still worth it. Dualcaster has mainly become the chump blocking counterspell in my games but I understand the reasons.

-Goblin Wizard- let me turn your arguement against magus of the wheel against you. Goblin wizard takes more mana to cast, is summoning sick, and second ability is almost all but useless. Pass for now

November 29, 2017 9:30 a.m.

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When i said rocks i meant more like mana crypt, mana vault, fellwar stone. If you dont want those then id suggest null rod, torpor orb, suppression field, cursed totem. If you do get on the cEDH discord and want to talk there as opposed to here im fine with that too

November 28, 2017 4:56 p.m.

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so I hear your going for cEDH (i assume multiplayer). cool ill be blunt and if you need me to be less blunt/explain more ill do that

first, try cutting down to 29 lands. mana rocks/dorks are so much better in this fast paced environment

second- most walkers are very bad. if you want to keep it in ask yourself this first: is it worth it to tap out for this? does it win me the game or advance me to a winning scenario?

third- please get that curve down to below 3. that curve is very too high. mana rocks should help on that front. Hell most of these cards can be lowered in cost if you ask yourself the 2 questions above

fourth- might want to try humility. just great since your creatures of reasonable cost arent hurt too badly by it save sen and GAAIV

fifth- might want a win con for yourself that doesnt rely on sen stealing an opponent's win con.

sixth- you will NEED more counterspells and cheaper ones at that. cryptic is actually bad due to cmc.

general suggestion- if you are not already on the cEDH discord might want to join. theres a decent amount of trice play for playtesting and any help or suggestion needs.

welcome to cEDH. hope I wasnt too blunt

November 28, 2017 11:27 a.m.

so we can finally start ranking the ixalan commanders, ill throw tishana into the 2.5 running nomination (prime speaker zegana).

kaminari no koe

Commander / EDH* chaosumbreon87


we might also want to start putting the unstable commanders into the insanity list

November 28, 2017 10:26 a.m.

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red doesnt really do one sided too much. at this point im tempted to just slot more interaction like REB, pyroblast, etc

November 28, 2017 3:55 a.m.

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Early Harvest works a lot in my casual azusa deck since I did not want to splurge on lands when I created it. If you are looking for some more competitive versions, I do also have your best friend v2, and Your best friend which might give you some ideas on cheaper substitutions.

Thanks for dropping by,

November 27, 2017 10:31 p.m.

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priest is a card that's used moreso for ramp but testing it out over another ramp spell. unfortunately I havent had much time to test while in college so updates have been kind of slow but so far I think it might just get replaced. Combat celebrant is an infinite combat trick with kiki and gives a second activation of krenko. There are also combos with it and feldon if you can get the mana for it. I may slot back in neheb and aggravated assault since I might be able to make things work on that front too. Daretti is a recycle outlet so i can get back skullclamp, memory jar (red has one of the least available draw outlets), or haste outlet. I can see removing priest and daretti for neheb and AA.

TL;DR- daretty is recursion, priest is a test card, combat celebrant is utility

Thanks for the comment. feel free to message again if you have any more questions

November 27, 2017 10:25 p.m.


to infinity and the ageless

Commander / EDH* chaosumbreon87


off tempo

Modern chaosumbreon87


Infection returns

Legacy chaosumbreon87


oath to gg

Vintage chaosumbreon87


jeskai 2

Standard* chaosumbreon87


prime speaker zeg

Commander / EDH* chaosumbreon87


Lu Xun horsemanship voltron EDH 2

Unformat* chaosumbreon87



Commander / EDH chaosumbreon87



cube chart

It gets worse

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