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Havent been playing magic very long, only about 5 years off and on.

I hate standard with a passion jsut because you have to keep spending money to stay consecutive. Once I found eternal formats, I never went back.

Currently I play modern, legacy, commander, and occasionally pauper.

I have found my favorite deck type and I am really good with at as well.

For modern and Legacy, all I play is DREDGE. I am the local dredge expert.

EDH I like to be competitive but play commanders people dont think can be competitive and then show them the true power.

I run Zedruu the Greathearted this deck is my baby. my favorite commander by far. She is very control/staxish.

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BananaWolfman16 I will definitely start working on one shortly.

Just been busy at work and with Grad school.

ThatOneOtherGuy Mindslaver may slow you down a turn if you are going to combo but it does not die to it like other decks. Other zedruu decks rely on the commander to give away the crap you put down. This build uses zedruu as a value card and to get extra draws by giving away the stuff that is effecting everyone already.

I have had people take control of my turn before and be like "Ugh i dont want to cast any of this crap" and then just tap down my lands and pass.

June 26, 2017 12:24 p.m.




Zedr(YOU), Zed(WHAT)

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