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Said on Moar Slivers...


So I took the time to playtest your Sliver deck against mine in 3 games. In Game 1, I went 2-1, The first match, my land base allowed me to get more out before your land base was fully able to come online. The second match, I mulled to 4, but you CoCo'd into a bunch of Lords swinging for lethal. The third match was a repeat of the first one. I was able to get on the board faster.

Game 2, I went 2-0. In match 1, I was able to shut down your Aether Vial with Harmonic Sliver and you just couldn't find enough mana sources to recover from the loss of the vial. Match 2, You were able to bring me to 6 life, but with an EOT CoCo, I revealed two lords, pumping my entire team and 2 Mutavaults into lethal damage range, dropping you 24 points in a single swing.

Game 3, I went 2-1 again. In match 1, you were able to generate a fast board presense than I was and took it. In match 2, with 2 lands, an Aether Vial, and a Manaweft Sliver, I was able to flood the board, while you got to 2 mana and got stuck there. In match 3, we both got online fast, but I hit an EOT CoCo, and then another at the beginning of combat, which flooded the board and let me swing in massively.

Overall, I think your biggest weakness is your land base. I realize that the land base is the one of the biggest cost factors for this deck. I would also recommend that you consider going to 4 on both of the Sliver Lords you are running, and maybe consider the third sliver lord, Sedge Sliver as well, or maybe Metallic Mimic (a slightly more cost efficient route).

I didn't test sideboards, but I'm sure that the results wouldn't have varied too much with them. Overall, I think your deck is definitely an original take on this tribal theme, but I think an update mana base would put it over the top.

March 23, 2017 10:35 p.m.

Said on Xenomorphs...



Again, I think Sliver Hivelord is a powerhouse, however it is highly susceptible to Path to Exile, which is a huge trade off for your opponent. You waste an Aether Vial to 5 counters (because nothing else mainboard benefits from that) or you spend 5 mana, tapping out, only to have it exiled for a single mana. Mind you, that is not an uncommon scenario, in modern it is more common than you realize, and with Path to Exile recently being reprinted, it is now cheaper and more readily available. In fact, that is one of the only issues I have with the Legendary Slivers, is the cost vs risk factor in a modern setting.

Now, Blood Moon isn't as big a problem for me, I run enough copies of Harmonic Sliver to be able to play through it, and enough Manaweft Slivers and Aether Vials to work around it. Typically though, it is a game killer for most decks running a lot of non-basics. It is worth considering a mainboard Harmonic Sliver. I know you run Aether Vial, but you do not have to play Harmonic Sliver if there is no other target.

Now, for a interesting factoid. Did you know that the most popular board wipes are mostly sorceries? Warping Wails second ability counters sorcery spells, thus shutting down board wipes, saving my slivers. The reason I like Warping Wail is because like the Sliver deck, it is a toolbox card that serves multiple purposes. If need be, it gives me a creature that produces colorless mana, it can remove a small early threat, but most importantly, it shuts down board wipes.

March 23, 2017 10:22 p.m.

Said on Xenomorphs...



Normally, I would agree with you, that Blood Moon would scare the hell out of me with a deck with a land base like this, but between Aether Vial, Manaweft Sliver, and Harmonic Sliver; I find I have very little trouble dealing with/or playing through Blood Moon.


The biggest threat to a tribal deck like this is board wipes. A turn 4 or 5 Damnation can be a difficult thing to recover from, and that is were Frenetic Sliver really shines. I probably won't be able to save all of my slivers with coin flips, but since the alternative was losing them all, I think saving some is better than none. As far as Homing Sliver, that is really a silver bullet card, you use it (or another sliver) to fetch up exactly what you need, when you need it. I have been debating cutting the second Homing Sliver in lieu of Rest in Peace or another graveyard hate strategy.

As for the singleton Gemhide Sliver, in response to Blood Moons and cards like Slaughter Games and its ilk, Gemhide Sliver functions as a backup mana source when they remove all of my Manaweft Slivers. Truthfully, it isn't mandatory to keep it, but I have found it far more useful than not.

Both Sliver Hivelord and Sliver Legion are fantastic cards in their own right, but slow as hell in modern (it isn't called the 4 turn format for nothing). They are powerhouses, and if they resolve or go unchecked, you will likely win, but any player worth their salt, won't let them resolve or stick around long.

As for Affinity and Tron (directed more Affinity than Tron), I find that a mainboarded Harmonic Sliver gets the job done and shuts those decks down pretty easily. I have been considering a Blood Moon for the sideboard actually for the Tron matchups as I find that I have a 60-40 win ratio against them, which I feel could definitely be improved upon. I appreciate the suggestions.

I will playtest our decks against each other and see how they perform. I rarely get the opportunity to play against other Sliver decks, so I am intrigued to see how they match up against each other. I'll follow up with results in the comments of your deck.

March 23, 2017 4:24 p.m.


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