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Inspiration for this list comes from tribal-kai, here's the link to his deck Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. So be sure to pop over there and +1 his deck if you like these lists. Also, be sure to check him out on YouTube and give his videos a like or maybe even subscribe if you enjoy the content.

The Lord of the Wastes according to Dominaria mythology, The Ineffable to his servants, the Founder of Phyrexia, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician is an amazing mono-black commander with amazing synergy with so many different mechanics and decks.

There is a myriad of cool interactions with Yawgmoth and many of the cards in this deck. I will try to cover many of them here, but there are just so many!

(More interactions coming soon)

Like most commander decks, we need mana and lots of it to get off the ground. This deck has a lot of mana ramp and tricks to generate an obscene amounts of mana.

Cabal Coffers - Since we are running a ton of swamps, this will generate a fair of mana on its own. But when we pair it with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, even our non-basics are now swamps, increasing Cabal's mana generation. But what is better than one Cabal Coffers, how about two of them? Thespian's Stage and Deserted Temple basically give us double duty on Cabal Coffers by either being a copy of it or by untapping it.

Cabal Stronghold - is a like a mini Cabal Coffers with the 18 basics we run, we can generate a fair amount of mana as well as its classic counterpart.

Since the infect interactions are the small amount of the deck, I will start here. Mind you, the infect kills are not common, but effective for taking out difficult opponents when the games run a little too long due to stalled board states.

Glistening Oil - Is the first option for infect. We slap this on a creature and swing in, over time, the creature will die, but the oil returns to our hand, ready to enchant another creature. This is the Rancor of the infect world.

Ichor Rats - This is your infect win for multi-player games. When this enters the battlefield, everyone get's a poison counter. Then with Yawgmoth's third ability, we can proliferate their poison counters until everyone dies from a nasty infection. Next patient please, the doctor will see you now!

Artistocrat pieces are plentiful here, the base components of many other artistocrat decks that run black can be found in the board.

Zulaport Cutthroat/Blood Artist - These two will drain our opponent's out as we continually sac tokens and creatures to Yawgmoth's second ability, keeping us alive and well while slowly whittling down our opponent's creatures and keeping our hand stocked with gas.

Necroskitter - While not a traditional aristocrat piece, with Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, killing creatures with -1/-1 counters, ensures that we are able to get those creatures back on the field under our control, making more fodder for Yawgmoth, or beating the faces of our opponents with their own creatures. When paired with Archfiend of Ifnir, getting whole hordes of our opponent's creatures is a breeze.

Bitterblossom, Dreadhorde Invasion, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Rite of Belzenlok, Nest of Scarabs, and others help create a swarm of disposable tokens to sacrifice to Yawgmoth's second ability, making sure that the doctor can help spread the infection and keep us answers. All of these death triggers paired with Deathgreeter will make sure that we don't bleed out during surgery.

There are a fair number of large creatures that either get bigger or make swarms of tokens that help reduce our opponent's life total to zero.

Kokusho, the Evening Star - Not only is he a 5/5 flyer, but he also has a fantastic death trigger, draining each opponent for 5 life a piece and giving all of that life to his controller.

Grave Titan - A beefy 6/6 that creates two 2/2 zombies upon entry to the battlefield or upon attacking. If left unchecked, this creature alone can take out an opponent with the army he creates.

The Haunt of Hightower - A 3/3 flyer that makes opponents discard cards and then by discarding or putting cards in the graveyard, grows himself to ridiculous proportions. If left unchecked, this creature can get huge and evasive.


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After finally sitting down to about 50 or so games, I must admit, that I enjoy this deck immensely. A couple of points of note, it is a little slower than I expected, but what it lacks in "out of the gate" power, it more than makes up for in resilience. I have noticed that board wipes and the ilk don't seem to bother this deck much, in fact, a board wipe allows for more time to set up. Admittedly, it does struggle with some of the more established cEDH decks, but the fun had while playing the deck more than makes up for that. I find that more often than not, I win by aristocrat effects (life loss/gain effects), surprise infect damage, or just by controlling the board state with -1/-1 counters. There were a couple of games where I had won by old fashion beats. Having been a black mana player for a long time, I found it was easy to ignore the massive life loss that this deck does. Most games, I dip dangerously low on my life total, below 10 in many of those games, but that life loss equates to card advantage. Overall, I enjoy playing Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, just as much as I enjoy my Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck. Even if I didn't have this stellar list, I would still consider a budget version of this deck to be incredibly competitive in most EDH groups and worth the investment if you wanted to try a mono-colored commander. I will follow up soon with a few additions from Core 2020, Throne of Eldraine, and K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth and let you all know how it continues to perform. As always, thanks for reading and if you enjoy the deck, be sure to +1 and check out my inspiration for this decklist, my friend tribal-kai as well as his YouTube channel. Thanks again!


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