I've been playing Magic: The Gathering since Onslaught Block. My first deck I ever built was Mono-White Soldiers.

I quit for 10 years, then played again in RTR. I played competitive standard for 3 years until the end of BFZ. I have had the most success with Grixis Control (INN-RTR standard, KTK-BFZ standard) and Mardu Midrange variants (THS-BFZ standard, KTK-BFZ standard).

Some of my major accomplishments include:

Appearing on the official MTG stream for my 5-0 GP Vancouver 2016 Early Bird Standard tournament. Performed a deck tech with Brian-David Marshall.

Defeating Sebastian Denno in a M14 Gunsligner sealed 2-1, using Gruul Slivers. He was a top 100 player in the world in 2014.

Qualifying for Magic World Cup 2 years in a row, with 500+ Planeswalker points for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 years.

Rank 13/200 SCG Connecticut, Mardu Dragons. I outranked Jacob Wilson, the top Canadian player of that year, in this particular tournament.

Rank 19/144 MCQ Barcelona 2019. Rakdos Burn.

I specialize in applying mathematics to the deck building process, using various heuristics and consistency metrics to ensure that a deck functions properly.

My deck philosophy is that a deck should be fun, functional, and within your financial comfort zone. If one of these three is missing, then you may not enjoy the MTG experience to the fullest.

If a deck is fun and functional, but outside your financial range, the deck is unattainable.

If a deck is functional and within your financial range, but not fun, the deck is uninteresting.

If a deck is fun and within your financial range, but not functional, the deck is underwhelming.

When I help people build decks, I am biased towards maximizing the functionality of the deck. The financial range and "must-include fun cards" are variables set by the individual asking for my assistance.

I focus on this triple variate analysis along with the user's wants to perform deck building services for casual players and for competitive players alike.

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Extremely competitive list that does unfair things: cheat out vampires.

This deck will stand the test of time, and I'm happy you get to play your favourite tribe in a 60 card format and be strong.

September 9, 2020 2:26 p.m.




Meren Stax and Combo V3

Commander / EDH SirJeivus


Grixis Counterburn Control

Standard SirJeivus


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