I remember first buying the Ivory Doom Onslaught starter deck and not knowing how to play, so I ended up throwing the cards away. Fast forward to Champions of Kamigawa and that's where I got my real first start. I don't exactly remember my first deck, but after Betrayers came out, I started running a Rat Ninja deck, and that later evolved into my Rat deck that I have to this day. I love playing different types of decks, however, anything with black in it is generally my favorite.

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I played a few games tonight, and I must say, when the deck goes off, it goes off!

Guardian Project may have to get the axe, as it is not a may ability to draw, so I almost decked myself trying to go infinite mana with Drake. Had to Rec Sage it to get it off the battlefield, and then Wealth'd for about 43, but only cast a Timetwister to shuffle back my library. Lifeline did work as usual. Thinking about dropping some nonbasics to make room for more basics for all the land searching I had to do.

July 4, 2019 12:40 a.m.

Said on Yarok, the ETB ......


You may not like this suggestion, but I love Lifeline + sac outlet in decks like these. I run it in Gonti, and am also going to try it in my Yarok build.

Getting ETB effects during everyone’s turn is fun. At least for me. Lol.

July 3, 2019 4:31 p.m.



Just doing a few pre-testing card swaps for some things I missed out in the initial list, Birthing Pod being one of the big ones I missed. Displace / Ghostly Flicker should do some good work here, not only to save some creatures from spot removal, but more importantly to reuse their ETB triggers. Sire of Stagnation will still double up on triggers from Yarok, and Villainous Wealth as an outlet for potential infinite mana, and can be reused with Eternal Witness .

July 3, 2019 12:46 p.m.


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