Realm Razer and Sacrifice

Asked by MrWar 5 years ago


I have a couple of questions about Realm Razer 's ability.

Say I have Tymaret, the Murder King in play, I have enough mana to cast realm razer and sacrifice it with tymaret.

  1. Do I have to tap all my mana before bringing out Realm Razer to sacrifice him to Tymaret? (as he exiles the cards)

  2. If I wanted to watch the world burn, what is the correct process of bringing out Realm Razer and then sacrificing him before his second ability comes into effect? (essentially exiling all lands in play)

  3. I presume "remove all lands from the game" in Realm Razer's description means the ones in play or does this include ones in libraries and graveyards?

Thanks in advance.

Epochalyptik says... Accepted answer #1

1) No. Realm Razer exiles all lands through the resolution of its ETB triggered ability. You can respond to the ability; you don't have to tap all your lands prior to Realm Razer resolving.

2) Realm Razer resolves, and its ETB triggered ability triggers. You respond to the ability by sacrificing Realm Razer , causing its LTB triggered ability to trigger. The LTB ability will resolve first, then the ETB ability will resolve and exile all lands. Because there is no longer a linked ability to return those lands, they remain exiled indefinitely.

3) Only land permanents are affected. When an effect references a permanent type, it specifically references only permanents of that type unless the reference is qualified as "[type] card(s)."

June 12, 2014 9:47 p.m.

filledelanuit says... #2

  1. You do not need to tap the lands be forecasting as you will have a chance to response to the ETB trigger with tymaret's ability.

  2. Play Realm Razer

With his ETB trigger on the stack sac him to Tymaret

The LTB trigger will resolve doing nothing and then the ETB trigger will resolve exiling all the lands.

  1. His ability only removes lands that's are on the battlefield.
June 12, 2014 9:51 p.m.

MrWar says... #3

Thanks for your answers, just what I needed to know :-)

June 12, 2014 10:28 p.m.

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