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clayperce on Wizards missed Copy Cat combo?!?

2 weeks ago

So I'm reading this article by Sam Stoddard from Wizards, and I'm pretty much Shocked by Sam's comment about Felidar Guardian:

We did miss the interaction with Saheeli, however, and that has led to some ... interesting decks in Standard. While we were pushing for more combo decks in Standard with Aether Revolt, this is not the kind of deck we would intentionally take a risk with. In hindsight, Felidar Guardian definitely should've said "creature or artifact."

Whoa. I mean, it's impressive they admitted the mistake. But really, Wizards? Really?!?

Your thoughts?

clayperce on Electrostatic Pummeler in AER Standard?

3 weeks ago

I ran Electrostatic Pummeler all last season (in both Gruul and Temur colors) and absolutely loved it. But with copies of Fatal Push, Shock, and Walking Ballista all over the place in Aether Revolt, I figured it was time to shelve Pummeler and move on to something else. But then I noticed a handful of lists which have actually proven to be competitive:

  • Andrew Jessup's deck: Top 16 at SCG Richmond Standard Classic (1/29/2017)
  • ADQ's deck: 5-0 in MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League (1/28/2017)
  • Talisker's deck: 5-0 in MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League (1/27/2017)

What do y'all think? Does the little robot actually have a shot in this meta? Thanks!