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clayperce on PSA: Standard Rotation

1 day ago

Rotation can sometimes be confusing, especially with the upcoming changes of Metamorphosis 2.0.

So here's what's happening for the next few years:

  • 7/14/2017: Hour of Devastation (HOU) releases. No rotation.
  • 9/29/2017: Ixalan (XLN, aka "Ham") releases. BFZ, OGW, SOI, and EMN rotate.
  • 1/19/2018: Rivals of Ixalan (RIX, aka "Eggs") releases. No rotation.
  • 4/27/2018: Dominaria (DOM, aka "Soup") releases. No rotation.
  • 7/20/2018: Core 2019 (M19, aka "Salad") releases. No rotation.
  • Fall 18: "Spaghetti" releases. KLD, AER, AKH, and HOU rotate.
  • Winter 19: "Meatballs" releases. No rotation.
  • Spring 19: "Milk" releases. No rotation.
  • Summer 19: Core 2020 (M20, aka "Cookies") releases. No rotation.
  • Fall 19: "Archery" releases. XLN, RIX, DOM, and M19 rotate.
  • Winter 20: "Baseball" releases. No rotation.

And as always, please bookmark whatsinstandard.com!

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Fixed typos. Thanks, abby315!

clayperce on Ixalan Spoilers (NO LEAKS)

6 days ago

Hi everyone!

I think the Ixalan leaks are terrible, and I hope they find and punish the criminal who did it. But regardless of how any of us feel about it, the cards are out there and we want to talk about Ixalan! I'm trying to set up a forum here where we can do so.

The idea is we can talk about anything Ixalan here, even cards that have been leaked elsewhere. But we CANNOT include images or text from those cards, or links to a site that has them, unless they have been officially acknowledged/spoiled by Wizards.

Example Show

If you haven't already, PLEASE check out these two thread:

SRS Forum rules (Read before posting) ... TL;DR (per Epochalyptik): Absolutely no leaks.

Leaks = Ban ... TL;DR (per yeaGO):

  • Please report any leaked images using the Contact form ... report them immediately so they can be removed, or the whole thread/deck and the poster's account is likely to become forfeited.
  • If they aren't legit spoilers, then they aren't eligible to be on the site. I don't care where else they might appear.
  • This site is not to be used to drive traffic to such leaks. Of course you're free to discuss such things, and I leave all that up to your discretion, but hyper-links to or copied description of leaked content is not allowed.
  • You're free to discuss the economics or implications of a leak, you're just not free to disseminate the material itself on the site.
  • The level of attention you will get discussing leaks will go down immensely when the verbatim material itself stops appearing on the site.

Let the discussions begin!

clayperce on Top 8s this weekend: Insane ...

2 weeks ago

Top 8s for GP Manila and GP Amsterdam are up, and just look at all those different Archetpyes:

GP Manilla

  • Esper Vehicles
  • UW Flash
  • Mardu Blue
  • Mono-B Zombies
  • Temur Marvel
  • RG Pummeler
  • BG Constrictor
  • Mardu Vehicles

GP Amsterdam

  • BG Delirium
  • BG Delirium
  • BG Energy
  • BG Energy
  • Temur Marvel
  • Esper Vehicles
  • RG Pummeler
  • UR Control

Thank you Wizards, for making Standard fun again!

clayperce on How many Lands?

2 weeks ago

I've read a couple articles recently that have really changed the way I think about how many Lands I want in a brew.

Sorry for the spam if you've already read them, or if you already knew all this. But on the chance they'll be helpful to you too, I wanted to share ...

Good luck (and good skill) with your brews!

clayperce on All Things Pummeler

3 weeks ago

If you want to talk about Electrostatic Pummeler in Standard, you're in the right place!

Please feel free to post your ideas, your decks, and your questions. You may want to set up a separate thread as well, in the Standard Deck Help forum.

Please feel free to post your decks in large format. Here's the syntax ... just copy-and-paste, replacing the "the-return-of-steel-cannon-pummeler-akh" part with the "slug name" from your deck's URL:


Please let me know if I'm missing any!

We look forward to reading your comments and looking at your decks! Good luck (and good skill) on your builds!

P.S. If you just want to lurk, that's fine. Please hit the Subscribe button below the comment window, or just ...

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