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_raeofsunlight on Penny Sleeves

5 days ago

Tired of having a ridiculous collection of penny sleeves that are rarely used? Feel free to send them to me as I am always willing to accept penny sleeve donations - no matter how many there are!

But really, I'm desperate guys. I'll pay for shipping.

_raeofsunlight on Calculating Deck Scores

1 week ago

How are the deck scores calculated? There is no way that it is simply by upvotes because every now and then I see one with less votes above one with a higher amount while sorted in the deck search. Well, unless that is a bug, of course.

_raeofsunlight on Challenge: Budget Colossus

2 weeks ago

Who's up for a deck building challenge? We are looking for the cheapest yet most powerful budget Colossus format deck out there. The winner will be voted on by a panel of three judges and are subject to online playtesting and a decent amount of vetting. In particular, we are looking at the power of combos, the synergy of the deck and how well it performs against others. We will accept finished decks through April 18.

Links to online decks can be posted either on the contest post in our Facebook group or sent to my email [email protected]


The rules to our Colossus format can be found here:

Colossus Format Rules

Questions about the challenge can be asked here, but all questions about the format can be answered on the facebook group or on Gusthered's profile.

_raeofsunlight on Buying Specified Bulk/Full Art Lands/Tokens

3 weeks ago

The list of cards that I'm wanting is below. Nothing is terribly expensive, so I am not really worried about their condition as long as they are playable. The full art lands, however, I would prefer to be nm/sp. You can message me on here or email me at [email protected]

Wanted Cards