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_raeofsunlight on Turn Yourself Into A Card

3 weeks ago

Download an app or find a website and turn yourself into a card. Share it on here and keep it going. <3

_raeofsunlight on Upvote Buttons

3 weeks ago

Are my upvote buttons acceptable? I feel like it is fairly obvious what they are as there is no other reason for me to add a button.

(This one is not connected to a deck)

_raeofsunlight on It's not a prototype..

3 weeks ago

I understand that this is nothing terribly serious or important by any means, but one of my decks absolutely refuses to deselect the "prototype" button. I've tried dozens of times to click the button so that the checkmark disappears and then save my deck, but low and behold, it is still categorized as one and the asterisk is still present. Anyone know how to fix it? It bugs me >.<