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ZendikariWol on The Guilds and Color Philosophy

2 weeks ago

I am super into color philosophy and I think I've made my stance clear on most of this, though I may comment later if I'm feelin it. But for now I'm just here to stimulate discussion. And so, without further ado,

Do you guys think that the Guilds represent the philosophy of the colors they're trying to embody? How accurately (or inaccurately), then, and how might you make change them to be more accurate?

ZendikariWol on Teysa Stories plz?

2 weeks ago

So, hey, people hype up the Teysa stories a lot, everyone seems to love the character, but I know literally nothing about it.

I would love to read the stories, but I don't really know where to look, other than the general magic story archive. Anyone out there got a ink for me?