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Triton on Last Changes Before I buy ...

3 days ago

I built a wall tribal/ramp deck, and it's been functioning quite well. So I was wondering if there was anything that I should swap in/out in order to make the deck more consistent.

Keep in mind, it's a rather budget deck ($30), so please keep suggestions budget for the time being. Thanks!

Link to the deck:

Triton on Refining Brago

1 week ago

Made a Brago, King Eternal decklist a while back, and wanted any input on cards that I either might have missed that provide value in some shape or form.

Also, I know the Rishadan pirates are good in him, I don't know how I feel about them in a list that isn't supposed to combo out.

Here's the deck:

Brago, King of Eternal Value

Commander / EDH Triton


Triton on I Made a Deck!

2 weeks ago

I decided to try my hand at a 60-card casual deck, and wanted to go the ramp route. I think it seems pretty solid, despite how weird the concept looks on paper.

Here's the deck:

Triton on To Primal Surge or not ...

2 weeks ago

Primal Surge, in case you didn't know its effect.

I had recently built a Karametra, God of Harvests EDH deck (not enchantress), and it's a super fun deck to pilot! I added in Primal Surge because it's a fun and good value card. However, it's never fun when you run into a non-permanent card.

I've recently been debating whether or not I should take out all the non-permanent cards, and replace them with haste enablers for Odric and perhaps some power-boosting creatures.

Without further ado, here's the deck, and feel free to suggest cards to swap in/out for in general!

Bear Hugs!! :3

Commander / EDH Triton