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Triton on Upgrading Niv-Mizzet

3 weeks ago

I've had a Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind deck for some time and it doesn't seem all that optimized, but performs quite well, only having trouble with creatures. In general, I'm pretty happy where the deck is at right now though I thought I'd ask for any suggestions I might've missed. Upvotes are much appreciated, I think this deck needs some love!

Enter the Niv-Mizzet

Commander / EDH Triton

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Triton on Help to Get the Dredging ...

4 weeks ago

A couple days ago i started a new EDH deck with The Mimeoplasm. I decided against infinite combos for the time being because they are unfun, and I want to try a less-mean route with Mimeo. It's more of a voltron build and functions very well once you get the ball rolling.

What I mainly need is suggestions to get my graveyard filled quickly because the deck has trouble early-game at setting up the graveyard.

The All-Consuming Blob!

Commander / EDH Triton