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Suns_Champion on Magic Artwork Puns

5 days ago

Hi all! Recently I've been having some fun re-drawing mtg artwork with an added pun, like ol' Krenko Mop Boss here.

So now: Pick an mtg art. Then, make a pun out of it! Preferably a physical object that I can draw haha! Go wild! What's your favorite artwork? I want to draw it!

Thanks in advance!

Suns_Champion on Arms Dealer artwork!

1 week ago

Drew this for a friend for his birthday. It's arms dealer, dealing literal arms! Think I really nailed the face on this one!

Ink, Graphite, Charcoal, Conte

Suns_Champion on Krenko artwork!

1 week ago

Some art I did today, based on a pun. Critique and enjoy!

"Krenko, Mop Boss"

Graphite, charcoal, red conte, ink.

EDIT: for some reason, image links are not working for me today. try this link:


if you can't see it

Suns_Champion on New Year

2 weeks ago

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

What are your MTG New Year's resolutions?

Mine are:

  1. Play more!

  2. Attend a FNM and play commander with strangers!

  3. Attend every pre-release!

  4. Build two new commander decks!

Hope everyone's 2018 is their best year yet!

Suns_Champion on New Dominaria image!

3 weeks ago

link: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/dominaria

I'm most excited for Teferi!

Merry Christmas everyone!