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Argy on Gideon has now lost his ...

2 days ago

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar has lost his association with his Tokens, and Emblem.

Neither his 2/2 Knight Ally Tokens, or Emblem, can be selected when using him.

Argy on Gimme an idea for a ...

4 days ago

I'm bored.

Gimme an idea for a deck to build, following these guidelines:

  • Not a known archetype.

  • Can just nominate a card for me to build around.

  • Must be with current Standard legal cards.

  • A whacky idea that you've always wanted to try is a good thing to suggest.

I will choose from any suggestions, and build the deck in about a week.

Argy on Some cards showing as illegal ...

6 days ago

Most of the cards in sets from Amonkhet onwards aren't considered Frontier legal, by this site.

In particular, Ifnir Deadlands, and Vraska's Contempt are both shown as illegal by my Cast a Shadow [Frontier] deck.

Argy on Which Magic Pop Vinyls do ...

1 week ago

I hate the look of Pop Vinyls.

I don't even know if that's the right name for them.

Not knowing this, StuBi bought me a Chandra, and a Liliana, for my birthday.

I like to take photos of them around my house, with Liliana convincing Chandra to do stupid things like being a human yoyo, or sticking a knife in the toaster.

That's what I imagine their relationship would be like. Liliana sees them as buddies, and by buddies that means how many stupid things can she convince her friend to do. Chandra is sort of rash, and doesn't think things through.

I got myself an R2D2, because I have a lot of R2D2 collectibles. Then I regretted that immediately, because it looks squashed, and ugly.

The only other one I will entertain getting is Sarkhan Vol.

I'm sure that there are some people on this site who have massive Pop Vinyl collections. List your Magic ones.

  • Chandra
  • Liliana

Argy on Do you ever get tired ...

1 week ago

There comes a time every Standard season when I just don't want to look at cards any more.

It's usually after sorting the latest expansion into boxes, and tweaking/resleeving the latest decks for StuBi, and me for the umpteenth time.

I just feel like, if I never saw a Magic card for another month, it would be a relief.

Anyone else ever feel this way?

Argy on Just got the best reaction ...

2 weeks ago

"OMG, are you Argy on TappedOut? Just a hunch... I mean, someone who helps with Standard decks, identifies as a Pyromancer, enjoys a good barbecue..."

Yes! It is I!


Argy on How to pimp your deck, ...

3 weeks ago

You might not have access to shiny promo cards, but that doesn't mean you can't make your deck look pretty, and unique.

Here are a few ideas to help you out.

  1. Find older versions of current cards, that you like. At the moment I am running Journey into Nix Magma Spray in my Deck because I think they look a bit nicer than the recent printing. You can often buy old versions quite cheaply, or even trade for them.

  2. If you find a version of a card that you like, hoard as many copies as possible. Move them around from deck to deck. I have done that with the Negate cards that were printed in Dragons of Tarkir. They amuse me, because they look like that meme of Batman slapping Robin.

    I also love the DTK Evolving Wilds the best.

  3. Speaking of this, it is often quite cheap to buy foil copies of these cards, as they aren't really regarded as worth hoarding. This is often easiest to do a few months after the set has come out, but I just did a quick check and you can still find those cards I just mentioned fairly cheaply as foils.

  4. If you win promo cards at Standard Showdown or FNM, use them.

  5. Team with a theme. If you built your deck during the Rivals of Ixalan block, use only RIX lands. For an even more streamlined look, use only the same land.

    I like to try to stick to lands that have buildings as part of their art.

    If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on some full art lands, keep moving them to your current favourite deck.

  6. If you can draw or paint, cut some cardboard to size and design your own Tokens.

    Tokens don't have to be the ones produced by Wizards. Try to make all the information on them clear (colour, P/T, type, etc.) so they impress your Opponents, but don't confuse them.

Feel free to add other ideas. Try to make them practical.

Argy on Challenger decks

3 weeks ago

There's a new Standard product on the horizon.

Challenger decks.

Challenger Deck Lists

They are a good start, but I think they'd need to be tweaked quite a bit to really compete at FNM.

The value in them I think is the fact that you get a cheaper way of procuring some of the staples for the deck you choose.