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Argy on Horror Stories

1 week ago

Is there anything you have done, in regard to Magic, that you now look back on and think WHY THE HELL DID I EVER DO THAT?

An example would be playing with your Alpha Dual Lands on the playground, so they all became scuffed and dirty.

Argy on First deck you Built

2 weeks ago

This is for the brewers only.

As close as you can remember, describe the first deck you built on your own.

Argy on Greenbelt Rampager in Energy decks

3 weeks ago

We've been using Greenbelt Rampager to great effect in StuBi's Dirty Energy

I'm surprised it doesn't see more play.

It's great to have a 3/4 on Turn 2, which often happens if you lead with Attune with Aether.

A late game 3/4 is nothing to sneeze at, either.

It synergises well with Winding Constrictor.

Its only issue is that it takes up Glint-Sleeve Siphoner's place on the curve, but that thing dies to a stiff breeze, anyway.

Argy on Goblins vs Merfolk Dual Deck

3 weeks ago

Bring it.

So, I swore that I wouldn't buy the latest Dual Deck, as I have so many of them, including the first Goblins vs Elves.

Then, my friend and I didn't have any cards on us, and wanted a game at my LGS, so we bought the Dual Deck.

It is so much fun!

I was having a blast playing classic Goblins like Goblin Rabblemaster, and Krenko, Mob Boss.

I noticed that he was getting to sling some of my favourite spells like Claustrophobia, and Harbinger of the Tides.

I let him keep the decks, then went out and grabbed a copy for myself.

Can't wait to give them a run with StuBi.

Argy on Is a colourless Commander deck ...

3 weeks ago

I grabbed some BFZ packs the other day on a whim, and some of the cards got me thinking about building a colourless Commander deck.

My question, for those of you who know the format well, is whether a colourless deck is viable.

At the moment my playgroup isn't super competitive, although their decks aren't weak, either.

We're not talking Turn 4 wins. More like Turn 8-10.

Thanks for any feedback.

Argy on Something strange with the top ...

3 weeks ago

So, my deck got to the number 1 spot, overtaking another one.

Then, in the space of five hours, my deck has dropped COMPLETELY off the top decks list, but the one it overtook is still there.

With EXACTLY the same number of votes it had when mine overtook it.

What's going on?

It kind of feels like my deck was manually removed as I've NEVER seen a deck drop out of the top spot so fast, and I've been watching the top decks carefully for the past year.

Argy on "New" format: Diminishing

3 weeks ago

My friend made an offhand comment today while we were mucking around with the latest Merfolk vs Goblins Duel Decks, and it gave me an idea.

We made up a format on the spot. I'm interested to know if someone else has already done it.

He suggested the name "Diminishing", which I like.

Here are the very loose rules:

  • Both Players start with 60 card decks.

  • Duel Decks, or similar "balanced" type of decks, are preferred.

  • No cards with a mill effect can be used.

  • Players do not lose a game if they can't draw.

  • At the end of each game each card that ended up in Exile, in the Graveyard, or on the field is removed from the game entirely. It cannot be brought back to any game under any circumstance.

  • Any cards still in hand at the end of each game are shuffled back into each Player's Library.

  • After decks have been shuffled, the next game begins.

  • Games proceed in this order, until one or both of Players have no library left.

  • The Player who won the most games is the winner.

  • The Vancouver mulligan and Scry rules apply.

We discovered that it becomes quite strategic knowing when to play Lands or when to hold on to them for future games.

The same with Creatures. It can be difficult to keep a good curve.

There is also sometimes an advantage to deliberately losing a game, in order to hang on to cards that will benefit you in upcoming rounds.

We decided this was fine, as it's part of the strategy.

Also, because number of games won is what counts, choosing to lose a game may end up penalising you so much that you lose.

Argy on Anyone play Munchkin?

3 weeks ago

I really enjoy the game, but I'm yet to find the right people to play it with me.

Someone always gets upset at the end if they haven't won.


The idea is to cause the most disruption throughout the game, winning be damned.

Argy on My friend gave me a ...

4 weeks ago

For a late birthday present my very generous friend gave me a triple sleeved Chaos Confetti card, that he had gotten signed by the artist.

Needless to say, I was floored.

I've been given quite a few Magic presents over the years, but never one as amazing as that.

Argy on Aussies say YES to marriage ...

4 weeks ago

After a lengthy plebiscite Australians have overwhelmingly voted YES, in support of marriage equality.

Specifically 61.6% of people voted YES, and 38.4% of people voted no.

Impressively, 79.5% of eligible voters voted, and the plebiscite wasn't mandatory.

So there you have it. We finally caught up to the rest of the world.