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Argy on Doomfall is excellent against Carnage ...

5 days ago

I'm surprised not to see it in more deck lists.

It's similar to To the Slaughter, which saw a bit of play.

Argy on Ixalan Testing Gauntlet

1 week ago

Here are my favourite Ixalan decks for testing against.

Ixalan Gauntlet

Please do not Upvote any decks that I have indicated.

Argy on Need help trimming cards

1 week ago

I need some help to decide which five cards to trim from this build:

I Drink Your Milkshake

I cannot stress enough that I do not want suggestions for different cards to add TO the build.

JUST which five cards I should trim.


Argy on Argy has cleared the requested ...

2 weeks ago

I've gotten a lot of requests to look at decks over the past couple of days.

My guess is everyone wants Feedback before they buy their Ixalan deck in paper.

Update: I have now given Suggestions on all the decks I was requested to.

Thanks for your patience.

Argy on Why do you play Green?

3 weeks ago

Why would you even need to play it when there are the excellent other choices of and ?

Argy on clayperce, Argy, and StuBi in ...

3 weeks ago

clayperce, Argy, and StuBi met up for some Standard shenanigans.

Not gonna lie, clayperce cleaned my clock repeatedly with his super fast Werewolves.

Brews, buddies, and StuBi's bloody annoying Angel deck.

Good times.