I will buy boxes, build a deck... then my brother gives me the lowdown. I pick the cards for the fun and flavor text, he whittles it down to actually make sense and work in play. MagicMarc, I thank you!

Sometimes I actually plan out a deck... but not frequently. Marc came home one day to me having laid out all of my cards, and I picked a them to make a couple of decks. Angry Cats and Goblin Fire Brigade.

I have a bad habit.... and have accidentally mixed in my sideboard on a lot of my decks. My brother is helping me fix them all if you wonder why one person seems to be commenting on all of my decks, MagicMarc is my brother.

FYI info: Not interested in flirting via chat, dating, or otherwise, currently happily buying a house with my live-in boyfriend. Yes, I am old and settled... and like to play Magic.

Thanks to Scorprix who has this info on their profile: If you're wondering about how to make your username all fancy, here's how: Disclaimer: You need to have a premium account for this. Where you would type in the color names in the customize username boxes, you instead type in codes. (I think it's CSS)

My current username code is:

black;text-shadow:1px 1px 2px lime, -1px -1px 2px lime, -2px 6px 7px #2EFE64, 2px -6px 7px lime;font-family:Impact;

Some other codes I have before are:

black;text-shadow:1px 1px 5px lime, -1px -1px 5px lime, -2px 6px 7px #2EFE64, 2px -6px 7px lime;font-family:chiller;

grey;text-shadow:1px 1px 5px purple, -1px -1px 5px purple, -2px 6px 7px #2EFE64, 2px -6px 7px purple;font-family:chiller;


black;text-shadow:1px 1px 5px black, 2px -1px 5px lime, 0px 6px 7px #2EFE64, 2px -6px 7px black;font-family:Chiller;

Feel free to use them for yourself! Hope that helped!

If you need help with how to program a style, just take one of mine and mess around with the numbers and colors. If you need more help than that, just ask Rasta_Viking29 or Femme_Fatale.

Also, never make the number at the end bigger than 28 or smaller than 15.


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