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Lordeh I agree with Dicedrackich, it's very good, and if you can get an incubation druid AND A BLUE MANA (that's the problem I've run into, if I can't get a blue it's GGs pretty much) then it rolls through everyone. I find Hydroid Krasis is the best Hydra to pump up, early game and late game, because you still get the health and card draw, whether he actually makes it to the field or not, which just allows you to have more mana, more life, more hydras, etc. I haven't found a need for a lot of "destroy target creature" or "destroy target planeswalker" stuff- and even though your stuff gets zapped all the time, you have too many threats for them to cope with. I think you should pull out Samut and replace it with Gilded Goose (I replaced it with Risen Reef, Samut never came up).

September 27, 2019 10:08 a.m.

Said on Hydra Stompy...


So I've been testing this in the MTGA event, and it's worked VERY well. And don't you worry about trying to hit a 20/20 hydra, I nailed a couple people with a 40ish/40ish hydra. It's a good deck. :)

September 26, 2019 10:06 p.m.


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