How do freeze/icy effects (Crippling Chill) and temporary creatures (man-lands/man-artifacts) interact?

Asked by Magnivore 4 years ago

Recently in standard I pointed a spell mastery'd Send to Sleep on some creature and an animated Shambling Vent. I stated that the land would stay tapped through the following upkeep and my opponent argued otherwise. The judge ruling was that is would in fact stay tapped. But why?

I initially thought the reasoning was because of the words that are used in Send to Sleep but it says "those creatures" as opposed to (e.g.) Crippling Chill's "it." I thought the argument could be similar to why the various Oblivion Ring effects work where some refer to 'that creature' and others refer to 'it' referring to the permanent it targets. In my opponent's favor I also thought that Send to Sleep would fail for a similar reason to why equipment/creature auras would fall off an animated permanent. Is there a specific rule number that I can easily refer to for this?

Epochalyptik says... Accepted answer #1

Send to Sleep and Crippling Chill apply an effect to one or more target creatures. Those targets only need to be creatures when the spells are cast and when they resolve. Once they apply the effect, it doesn't matter whether those objects change types; the effect doesn't continually "refresh" to see if the object is still a creature.

Oblivion Ring is different. It uses "the exiled card" because it has a second triggered ability that actually needs to refer to an object after the first ability has applied.

November 6, 2015 7:18 a.m.

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