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Infinite Combos in EDH - Experiment Kraj Budget

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"Of course it will grow beyond control - it was designed to choose its own evolution"

I wanted to make this deck because Experiment Kraj just looks so cool, and he has so much cool flavour! This is a budget combo deck (wow you don't hear that one too often do you?), the basis of the deck is to use untap abilities to untap the Kraj and use counter adding/doubling effects and card draw effects to end the game fairly quickly. Usually the infinite combo consists of having ramp creatures such as Argothian Elder and untapping creatures such as Horseshoe Crab, effectively allowing you to generate infinite mana and untap an infinite amount of times. It is a fun deck to play against however, as the combo doesn't usually set off until turn 6/7 or so, so there are ways of dealing with it. I haven't tried it in a 4-way but I think that it wouldn't work too badly as overall it is an interesting deck, and people do commend you when you pull off something unexpected.

The Combo

Experiment Kraj puts a +1+1 counter on an untapping creature such as Horseshoe Crab, then puts a +1+1 counter on a mana dork, such as Argothian Elder. If the mana dork can only produce , then mana fixing creatures such as Magus of the Candelabra can help with the combo. Pay mana (usually ) to untap, tap to get and some other mana, untap, do this until you have infinite mana, then start adding counters to your creatures (and using your stored mana to untap). You now have infinity/infinity creatures and infinity mana. Attack, and hopefully use some sort of evasion. If anything goes wrong, the card draw creatures are there to let you draw as many cards as you want in order to counter spells and the like.

Card Breakdown

Other cards may not be present in this list, but are in the deck because they are staples for this kind of deck, or because they don't really need their own section


Note: If you have gotten to combo 5 you have won (if they try to do anything you can draw cards on the stack until you get what you need). If you get combo 1, 2, 3 or 4 you are pretty much guarenteed to win, although evasion might be needed (either way, you probably have at least 3 or 4 creatures that you can attack with and buff an infinite amount of times). Combo 6 and 7 are usually backup plans in case all else fails, and Combo 8 is great because Experiment Kraj + Spike Weaver is just ludicrous on its own

Thanks for taking the time to look at my deck! Please comment suggestions and leave a +1 if you like it, it really helps me out!


Updates Add

Alright, so this tends to happen a lot when I get suggestions for decks, it starts to get out of the "budget" range. Now I know what you're thinking "But it was still budget" and that is true, but there's different kinds of budget decks and I think that if the deck says that it is around $85 on tappedout rather that $110, that can make a huge difference for the people that want to try it out. Anyways, here are my changes, I hope you guys think this is justified:


Minamo, School at Water's Edge: My main problem with this card is that it requires to untap a creature. This isn't optimal as usually I have abilities that let me pay 1-3 mana to untap a creature as many times as I want. For $12, I just don't find it worth it. Substituted for an Island

Master Biomancer: Alright, this one is actually not too bad of a substitution. Master Biomancer is very good but it has a bit of a high cost, so I switched it to Ivy Lane Denizen. I know what you're thinking, it only works if I play a green creature, but it also lets me put the +1+1 counter on any creature I choose, so it can really help the Kraj with creatures that I casted on turn 1-3, and I can spread out the counters.

Lightning Greaves: This is a really good card and I wanted it in but it is pretty expensive for a budget deck. I switched it for Swiftfoot Boots, and that isn't too bad of a choice since it lets me protect the kraj while still being able to give him counters.


Island, Ivy Lane Denizen, Swiftfoot Boots: See above for reasoning

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