My name is Mark. Some call me Marky Mark :)

I started playing Magic when I was 13, around the time of Ice Age and Mirage. After stopping for a long time, I returned at the end of Kamigawa and start of Ravnica. By the time Time Spiral hit I was playing in Standard format FNMs. I played in those up until about the time Return to Ravnica was around.

At this point I was giving Modern and Commander more time. After realizing that Modern was not able to curb my tastes of being a more casual player with a personality that desires more from deck building rather than the playing skill involved in tournaments, I settled into being a Commander-only player who occasionally plays in prereleases or borrows decks for Standard.

Currently I have 10 Commander decks with varying levels of competitiveness, speed, power, jankiness, and oppression. I enjoy teaching others to play while taking pride in my deck building skills. My favorite tribe of all time is Merfolk, a tribe I have played a long time and just about in every color combination in Commander, well except mono-blue LOL. My current Merfolk deck is Bant and is geared towards being both a decent 1v1 and multiplayer Commander option.

My favorite card of all time is an elf, however, Maralen of the Mornsong. Mostly because of the novels that came in Lorwyn fat packs. Reading about the Vendilion Clique picking on her made going to my first big tourneys with my friends during that block all the more memorable.

My Magic goals include...well keep building more Commander decks. I would also like to at some point seek a level one judge certification. Part of my deck building routine includes scouring the internet for rulings on card interactions for obscure cards no one has ever seen, and I often find myself reading the comprehensive rules. I hope one day to understand the layer system a little better.

That about sums me up: stay tuned for more deck lists :)

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Atraxa, Wide and Tall

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