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I just realize, by testing things out, that you can put any card as a commander and the system won't notice whether it's a legendary or not (giving it a legal status or not). I may be asking to much to the site :p

There's a big chance it's the same for a lot of format, the system might never been designed to interpret all the cards info. Maybe this thread will end shortly.

September 3, 2017 3:03 a.m.

I'm trying to make a centurion EDH. If you don't know what it is, here's a link to a good primer: Centurion EDH - Join our discord server!.

My question is, am I the only one being unable to use tappedout as a good information provider concerning existing rarity of cards?

The context you ask? I'm trying to know what cards are legal in pauper (which is roughly the same list used in centurion), by changing the format information in the info of a certain deck. Peasant would be better suited, but it's not a format in tappedout's list. The point is that if any of the cards are not existant in the pauper format (by being only in rarer printings), tappedout will tell me on the spot they are not legal, so I won't need to check each cards individually. But the problem is that tappedout is unable to tell me if a card is legal or not in the pauper format.

Want an example, check this deck: EDH: "A Is To B As B Is To C". It's one of my commander deck but for the purpose of the exemple I set it as a pauper one. You'll see that tappedout is certain that the only card not pauper legal is Balan, Wandering Knight, which is a relatively new card (it must be because the database hasn't update it's info right now). If I take off the CMDR info of Sram, Senior Edificer, it won't make any change. All the cards are counted as legal in pauper; it's indubitably not true XD, most of the deck is only rare.

Furthermore, if I put the category "rarity" as the default one, it won't work too, it will still qualify cards as uncommon when they exist as commun, or vice versa, so this functionality isn't useful in that case. Good exemples are Enlightened Tutor and Expedition Map which are stated as less rare then they look like (because they do exist as less rarity), which is a wonderful information, but Swords to Plowshares as a rare when it exist in over a dozen uncommon printing. It looks to me really random and arbitrary.

I don't want to look aggressive or offensive upon the team behind tappedout, I appreciate a lot their work, but this concern is quite strange and hurt my butt. Is there a service online I could use instead of tappedout to know what is the "less rare" rarity of each cards in bulk, without having to look at each of them separately at the same time? Because, even thought is a wonderfull information site, it can't process bulk list like tappedout does, nor, even less Tappedout is still a great bulk-info site!

September 3, 2017 2:53 a.m.


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