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Thanks for the help with the Myr Deck, I really appreciate it!

May 16, 2017 1:01 p.m.

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Definitely, it does the same considering Fabricate is a sorcery and no artefacts in the deck has a bigger CMC than 3 (except Master Transmuter but you don't want to tutor her, she's only for value). It interact differently with couterspell but she comes with a body, it depend on your meta.

May 16, 2017 4:44 p.m.

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Perfect! If you're interested in 2 other build I've made here they are:

Control variant:

Turbofog variant (I might even build it it looks promising):

Hope you come to something interesting :D

May 16, 2017 4:21 p.m.

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Mr_Imperator, the changes are really interesting, you downgraded the CMC curve, gave a little of tempo with couterspell and kept a second win-co as Master of Etherium. I would have get rid of but if you wanna have more chances against decks with more aggression you have a plan-B. Now the problem is definitely that you have too many cards, and you board out Palladium Myr, so you have lost your infinite combo XD

This is my take on the idea.

It is pretty clunky for a modern deck, but without the landbase it could be really cheap and pretty fun. The plan is to draw a Etherium Sculptor in your beginning hand, no Walking Ballista and the more mana ramp possible like Palladium Myr. The deck has only 20 lands considering all you want to play is 3 CMC or less creatures and you try to ramp in more. You then want to draw or tutor 2 Myr Galvanizer and 1 Walking Ballista, if you can't Remand things and win with Master of Etherium.

It's REALLY clunky. Make it more control/tempo and with less win-co/mech cards could be interesting considering you will eventually tutor things with Fabricate or Tezzeret the Seeker . You could also make a soul sister variant in which you just outtempo decks with life gain. You could even do a turbo/fog deck to draw in all the cards and save tempo with fogs. In all cases it would certainly be W/U, but G is still manageable. I could make other lists to see if it helps no problem, I like brewing stuff :)

May 16, 2017 2:20 p.m.

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Looking at your deck, I can see there's 6-7 card that cost more than 5, and in modern, even with ramp like Palladium Myr or infinite combo of mana you can't base your strategy on it. I like myr as you do, I had a deck similar times ago, but this deck is more casual than modern, you won't win with that.

If you want to play it modern, considering the infinite mana combo is your win-co, you should get rid of Herald of Anguish, Hellkite Tyrant, Chief of the Foundry, everything that cost more than 5 basically (you don't play tron, you won't have enough mana). Then here comes the new stuff.

Ramp like Birds of Paradise would help but prioritize artefact base ramp, especially on myr. Etherium Sculptor is a favorite of mine. Then, you should board in tutor because you prefer Myr Galvanizer over anything (Enlightened Tutor is not cheap, but it's good, Fabricate is more in your range I presume). Clones could also work (Phantasmal Image could be nice, it would also be versatile, copying creatures from the opponent, Voltaic Key could also mimic Myr Galvanizer). Cheaper draw engine (Ancient Stirrings or Thoughtcast considering you would have a shit load of myr and Darksteel Citadel) is a most. Counter-spells or tax engine to slow the opponents down naturally (punishing anything other than artefact being played). You should also board in protection for your creature like Heroic Intervention or Myr Retriever in case you lost something important. FINNALLY, 4x Walking Ballista as your win-co, doing infinite damage. You won't have a lot of win-co thought, that's why a tezzeret or 2, whatever it is, ultimate is interesting.

The deck won't be tier 1, but you could perfectly have fun with it, and pretty cheaply. It would also become G/U, splashing W or B for Tezzeret or tax stuff. And one or 2 Master Transmuter, cause it's OP. It cost a lot but recycling a Walking Ballista who came too soon for anything better for the board state is just incredible.

If you want to see what a list would be like with my suggestion ask me, will take me a minute. Hope you have fun :)

May 15, 2017 5:26 p.m.


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