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DISCLAIMER: Just so you know where I'm going with this deck, defense and longevity isn't the goal at all (I am killing myself by drawing a lot of cards, my record is getting decked-out turn 6) even if it's a commander. The goal here is to play creature really fast in a snow ball effect, playing a shit ton of lands at the same time.

This deck is kind of complicated. It ramps like hell. The goal is simple; ramp, draw, cheat creatures in and Repeat. We need to have a complete control of the topdecking, so there is a lot of filtering affect.

Here are the steps to achieve such snow ball effect:


Every spells is not super relevant and everything build up to something explosive. A lot of spells have special effect in background, rare are the cases when one card is used for only one purpose. The major mechanic you will see then is shuffling effects, which has alone a remarkable power. If you'd play older format like legacy, you'd know shuffling (with fetches and such) is an important part of magic, even if it can be bothersome. The deck is in other words, and pretty funnily, super blue-tainted, if you understand my train of thought.

Example: Traverse the Ulvenwald or Caravan Vigil are tutor for basic land that cost only 1 green mana (same as Land Grant which cost 0 mana 90% of the time), but the majority of time I use them exclusively to shuffle my library. With filtering effect you can "choose" your draw. Here is a "kind-of" exhaustive list of cards that shuffles (with interesting combo in some cases):

Draw/cycling/filtering mechanics

Then, while shuffling the deck the way we want it to be, we work our way trough the deck by drawing cards or simply seeing them. Knowing our futur plays is what matters. There is not a lot of win-co, so you need to choose wisely when to stop ramping and start creating a good creature base.

Example: Scroll Rack is an incredible new-hand maker if you are not ok with the one you are dealing with. You try to shuffle after tapping it so the next cards you will draw will be a totally new hand. Exile all your lands if Courser of Kruphix is in play and you literally draw 2-3 cards for 1 colorless mana (playing the lands directly from the library instead of your hand). There's a reason why Courser of Kruphix is a tutor target for turn 1 or 2. This way, you can look for a good and big beefy creature, or simply tutor to find it. Here is a exhaustive list of all the top-deck play and draw mechanic making the shuffling job useful:

There are a couple of cards in green that interact with the top deck or simply draws that I don't run, Garruk's Horde, Primordial Sage and Glimpse of Nature to name a few, for multiple reasons: too high CMC or not enough creature for instance.


And finally, interaction between cards. Having the right amount of mana for any given spell is easy. Whenever you dig for a good spell, you probably have the mana needed to play it at the moment you find it. It gives A LOT of potential shenanigans. There is a million different synergies it the deck, looks like each card was made for all the others in a perfect, living, complete way.

Example: Sensei's Divining Top (Considering you can play it in the format, again, see the P.S.) first ability over and over again between each land drop given by Courser of Kruphix or Oracle of Mul Daya is non-ending. What I mean is that if you have no land in your hand but you want to put some on the battlefield, you can use Sensei's Divining Top first abilities to look at the 3 first card and put one (or more) land on top, creating a non finishing flow of lands, considering each land played gives you the mana needed to replay the ability again. It even gives you the right to choose the land you want, shuffling the rest after it. Just remember to tap Sensei's Divining Top when you got what you want, don't be greedy, you will be overflowed by lands and we don't use it the same way we use it in a control deck. Now imagine this with Lotus Cobra on the board. Here is a list of some interesting synergies in the deck:

Overall, there is a lot of undergoing in this deck and even if it looks like the deck plays each time the same from the opponent viewpoint, every game is different from our side (from the opponent's side it looks like an explosion, just seeing the face of the opponent is a treasure itself).

With these information, you can find your way into the deck after a lot of practice. We need to remember to never play lands if we don't need them because there is a lot of cards that triggers when you play a land or a land enters the battlefield (example: Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip which needs a land drop to transform). You must play them at the last moment possible, and only play the ones we care about, don't play a basic forest when we already have 4 and we could play Deserted Temple for instance.

I'm all ears if you have any suggestion :D


P.S: There is not a lot of defense, nor disrupt, in the deck, it is VERY combo-ish. So I've put as much as I can to protect my stuff from removal or disruption without slowing the deck. If I can't attack it's permanent, at least I can part-protect mine. This is a list of some of them:

They all have a very high CMC, or they are lands, but it's the minimum/maximum. Beside that, you will see that 50% of the deck is lands, and, as simple as it is, 50% of the time they don't work as mana-producing lands. If you have ideas to boost my defense WHILE also not decreasing my effectiveness, I'm all ears.

You see that those changes would in fact close to triple the cost of the deck. You understand my money concern.


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