Jace I have been on an epic Magic the Gathering Journey for about 12 years now. I always like the cards because of their photos. hahaha the art was always nice. It's been completely crazy. but it's been worth my time. I have so much fun and so with many new things to learn. Let's just say I like the Challenge. ^^ I love playing Standard & I am really into playing Commander/EDH. I use Kaalia of the Vast Check out my EDH Deck called [Heaven and Hell]. My color of choice would be any variation with Blue. My first constructed deck was five colors. I know right. What was I thinking but honestly I wasn't that great come on I was in 6th Grade When I started playing. I taught my love how to play magic & he's got really good at the game. He beats me at times and there are moments when I get him. hahaha ^^ I'm honestly really proud of him. My all-time favorite card would be jace the mindsculptor. I have to say my FAVORITE white card is Akroma, Angel of Wrath. But then again. iLOVE her story to me it was just Amazing. I have a lot of fun playing magic. Blue may be my strongest color, but I have fun with the others. iLOVEthis card game. Honestly one interesting card game. I need to fix my decks and add more ideas.. Magic taught me about a lot of things and kept me out of trouble. Magic was sort ofcomplicated for me with all the New rules. But it hasn't stopped me yet. Some of the rules at time get confusing but I have my love to help me with that.. I don't want someone cheating now. :D Now.. Return to Ravnica is like one of my favorite blocks but i still LOVE Worldwake and Mirrodin. DON'T GET WRONG iLOVE Avacyn, Angel of Hope and all the other cards. Dragon Maze is going to be interesting...


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The Darkness Within

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Lady Zegana

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Heaven and Hell

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