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Hello, everyone.

I am a fellow Magic enthusiast who began only a few years ago due to a person I was dating back then in the Army. I'm hooked, and I have been playing often since then. I used to play Modern, and then I got into Standard, and now (thanks to my friends) I am here with Commander decks!

Funny thing to learn about me: I love making decks and watching over people play them more than actually playing them myself.

The way I build my decks is a kind of feeling in the gut. Sometimes, I pick up a card and go "Oh, hey, this __ would be a great card in a __ deck." And then I make one. Haha, it wouldn't ever be perfect on the first draft, and so I would play, and edit, and play it until it feels like it has good synergy.

As always, I look forward to improvements and comments. I'm still learning to use this website, so please be patient with me learning how to use it!

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Good evening, enpc and n0bunga. After much thought, I can see the truth to your words. Hmm, I don't think I can afford to put in Mox Diamond just yet. As a monored deck with a low land count, I would still want to see if it is good with this deck. Also, price (waiting on eBay). I can test it online for now. As for the blue target cards... I have looked online, and many monored players have agreed to their prowess. I will rearrange my deck a little and will try to resubmit it when it is adjusted to suit current play. Thank you for the advice. Looking forward to the next meet.

March 22, 2018 12:27 a.m.

Good morning, enpc. While I thank you for your compliments, I will have do disagree with you about the "staples" you mentioned. Mox Diamond may be tempting, but even then you run the risk of being a card short in the beginning, less durability with an artifact than a basic land (no one would really destroy a basic mountain), and having less synergy with Extraplanar Lens. Not to mention that it's a dead draw during later on in the game, so it's essentially a T1-T3 card. I will have to look into Lotus Petal, so thank you for bringing that up.

I would not consider Red Elemental Blast or Pyroblast good necessary cards in EDH as they are specifically directed at decks. While there are a great number of blue players, there are many that do not just play those colors. For example, I would be holding these dead cards while playing against your Saffi Eriksdotter deck.

It is not a budget deck, as I look for cards that are optimal for Purphoros, but mono- decks tend to be a lot cheaper than most EDH decks. Yes, I do have all the cards on list as well (with Imperial Recruiter now on board), otherwise I would have to carry proxies which aren't really acceptable in most shops I visit around the U.S.

The current featured deck focuses on Goblin-synergy, whereas mine chooses the most optimal ETB creatures of like Norin the Wary and Tempt with Vengeance. I just believe that Purphoros, God of Tokens (Multiplayer EDH Primer) deck has a better understanding of how Purphoros should be than what is currently here.

March 20, 2018 4:35 a.m.

Good evening, thegigibeast, sonnet666, NarejED, and everyone else here.

It has probably been about a year since I commented here. I would like to resubmit my Purphoros, God of the Forge Primer deck here again as a possible feature deck with your amazing list. It is currently the HIGHEST scored Purphoros deck here in TappedOut, and I figured it might be proper to resubmit here once it had been acknowledged as a great primer/deck by other players. I have had competitive EDH players and new EDH players try the deck and were very successful with it.

Thank you for your consideration.

Purphoros, God of Tokens (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

Commander / EDH ay.lobo

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March 19, 2018 8:47 p.m.




Uril Smash (Voltron/Enchantress EDH)

Commander / EDH ay.lobo


Purphoros, God of Tokens (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

Commander / EDH ay.lobo

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