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Said on Mission Improvise...


Go down to 60 cards.

March 20, 2017 10:53 p.m.

not enough value interaction with Panharmonicon

March 16, 2017 4:22 p.m.

Said on Rashmi's Lab...

March 8, 2017 2:59 p.m.

Said on Infinite Crackdown...


dig with Glint-Nest Crane. Possibly needs tutor from Traverse the Ulvenwald or dig from Kiora, Master of the Depths. Needs alternative cards with cheap activated abilities that you can trigger several times per turn. Could use more avoidance like Built to Smash.

March 8, 2017 2:52 p.m.

Go up to 4 Attune and 4 Servants. Add Red and Harnessed Lightning.

March 8, 2017 2:44 p.m.

Said on Poor Mans Cat ......


needs better acceleration. Needs more value targets for Guardian to target. Needs more control/removal to survive.

March 8, 2017 2:41 p.m.


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