Heya! I'm an amateur deck maker, I like theme decks the most because they're rather simple to make and work pretty well most of the times. If you ever have a question of why there's a certain card in my deck, feel free to ask and I'll tell you.

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Hey octopusmeal! Thanks for stopping by! I think I did at one point, but dismissed it because it was too expensive (And then went out and spent like $300 on powerful cards). I think it could probably do some work, discard clause sucks, but, one could just grab lethal with it, so, that alone probably makes it worth it. Thanks for making think about it and discovering its true potential!

As for double strike equipment, I'd say nah. Just because your Ninjas aren't likely to be unblockable, so, equipping it to them won't do much good. Unless you've got a lot more unblockable stuff, then, that'd do just fine.

I'll add this card to the maybeboard, and you let me know what should probably come out for it and any given card in the maybeboard. Thanks for the suggestion and stopping by!

June 7, 2019 11:37 a.m.

Run 58 islands, and Mana Severance

June 6, 2019 10:40 p.m.

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Hey McToters, I apologize for the late response, my work schedule is lame.

Here's the thing about your new counter-suggestion. That's 3 whole slots for 2 cards that don't do hot by themselves, and the third that is only there for the other 2. Even further, you're requesting that I take out 2 of my 1 mana 1/1s that have flying. The key thing about them is I will usually draw one of my essentially unblockable creatures in my opening hand (Wingcrafter, Phantasm, Thalakos Seer , et cetera). Which then allows me to Yuriko on turn 2 or 3 which nets me that early advantage of cards and life total.

Hmm.. Every deck has it's "finisher" like in a deck that goes tall, it's usually Triumph of the Hordes or Craterhoof Behemoth . In a black deck, the mono black X spell that drains, Debt to the Deathless , Torment of Hailfire , et cetera. For Blue, they don't have that real finisher, so, their finisher is to take another turn to do their game plan and hope for the best. Meanwhile, hitting Temporal Trespass with Yuriko is eleven to the face.

I did order a Dauthi Embrace due to your comment, but, I don't know if I want it in place of Smoke Shroud, it's a cute card with multiple uses. Dauthi Embrace does have double black to give something unblockable. They're both good cards to me. I probably just need the right string of words spoke to me, you know?

I also added a buttload of cards to the maybeboard because I bought some because I was like "That could be good in the deck!" Now I don't have any more money, lol.

June 6, 2019 12:06 a.m.




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