Hi, I play Standard and Limited. You'll almost always find me playing a red deck, I love them. I particularly enjoy R/B and R/G.

I play competitively at the local level here in Denver. I hold my own I think and have had some good finishes including winning a PPTQ. My technical play is sub par (from a competitive perspective) and improving it is my main goal in Magic currently. In terms of deck building I am much better at tuning them than brewing them.

Some of my Top 8 Lists(I can't make this work right... Click the first deck by Trevor Hall and then click the name link) Rasta Ridding

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Burn Babylon! Burn, Burn, Burn!


Rasta's Grixis Aggro

Standard Rasta_Viking29


Tireless Prodding

Standard* Rasta_Viking29


Rasta Ramp

Standard* Rasta_Viking29

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