Hey all!

My name is Nathan. I started during Origins. My first product I purchased was a deckbuilder's tookit where I pulled a Liliana in my origins pack, and an Athreos in my Theros pack. The amount that I didn't care about that back then is incredible compared to now.

I'm bad at standard formats, but I'm like, 62% good at singleton, especially EDH, so that's a start, right?

I prefer Commander over every other format, but I'm always looking to brew in anything. I think Pioneer is a neat thought experiment, but nothing I've taken seriously yet.

I am more of a deckbuilder, but I play all the time too. I've ended up building over 70 different commanders. Now I'm polishing that skill to eventually make decks tailored to personalities and playstyles.

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king-saproling said I should reach out to you to get CSS enabled on my account. It would be super-rad if you could do this for me. Thanks daddy-O!

November 6, 2019 1:11 a.m.

I know you weren't looking for mono blue, but I will say that hands-down, Empress Galina gets that job done

November 2, 2019 2:25 p.m.






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