I don't know where my destiny lies, but I know it isn't here.

I've loved this game, I've lived this game. This game was an essential piece of who I was and it will always be a valuable part of who am I am and who I've become - but it was a part. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm unable to follow, play and enjoy the game in a way I want to. I'm forever grateful for all the people that I've met, for all the experiences I've made, for the cities I've visited going to Grand Prix and PTQ events.

Maybe one day I'll move to a place where there's a more active scene and more people that I enjoy, but where I currently live, playing Magic isn't a lot of fun - especially not when you want to take it a bit more serious. Germany doesn't have Grand Prix and the entire state I live in gets roughly 1-2 PPTQs a year. It's absurdly time and money intensive to just cover the very basic tournaments.

At the same time, there is almost no casual scene around here, no name worthy commander playgroups or stores. Maybe, some day, when I have a couple of stacks of dolla dolla bill racked up, I'll open one myself. Who knows.

Insight to discover, Discipline to persevere.


Fires over Theros: Xenagos' Revelry

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