According to Sheldon Menery, Lotus Petal is a great card for EDH because when someone casts it, you "know exactly what kind of player they are." I guess I'm that kind of player!

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I pretty much rejected it out-of-hand. It's comparable to something like Cryptolith rite/Earthcraft for speeding up mana generation/chain casting dorks, but at a higher CMC. Those cards def have their own drawbacks, and this comes w the added bonus of covering your creature casts, but it's still hard for me to justify any noncreature spell over 1 CMC. basically, the deck doesnt NEED to chain cast dorks any better than it already can; we're limited on drak not mana.

Your point about it not being Harvestable like Serp/Herald is very relevant too; one or the other of those is usually in my Harvest pile, and I love the flexibiliy of having access to both. I think its prob the right slot, but I like the creature options more. Rish is another comparable effect bc he turns some stuff into dorks, but at least hes a creature and the extra G goes towards Harvest really easily.

So ultimately I see the crad as an answer to a question the deck doesnt ask. If we were having trouble generating G from our dorks fast enough i'd consider it, but i can pretty much always hit 3+ counters and plenty of Mana by turn 4 already. this seems like it'd get in the way more than anything.

I'd be interested to hear some opinions on the card after the hype dies down and some experience pilots get a chance to evaluate it against the existing options. I'm not sold, but I've still got plenty of testing to do myself!

February 19, 2019 11:55 a.m.

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The deck is def low on creatures, and that's something i'm trying to tune back into it. Whisperer loses a bit of consistency, but that tradeoff isnt all bad bc we're not "dead in the water" to a lot of common wincons in the format. Spellseeker really added a lot of new flexibility to the deck by giving us a 1-creature tutor for a bunch of new effects. He's also relevant as a secondary Statue enabler.

More generally, we gained a few great 1-card wincons (Harvest is especially powerful) and we still only need to cast 3-4 things before Statue comes online, so its way less necessary than it used to be to non-deterministically dig through the deck looking for pieces. I'm having a lot of luck these days with games that go: turn 2 Animar, turn 3 some setup including Seeker, turn 4 Harvest a win. Thats a gameplan that benefits a lot more from tempo-ey conterspells and tutors than it does from extra creature casts.

So going for a more deterministic, 1-card win pushes us away from the creature-storm style of play and into a more tempo-ey style that interacts better with the table. I'm still tuning the balance myself, bc I like the deck's ability to play both roles (creature-spam lets us grind really well) and I'm def still testing a few slots. I'll prob end up cutting either/both of Dispel and Pyroblast just bc they can be a bit narrow for my tastes, and that would put us back on a more tradition creature density, but i'm not done yet. The deck has experienced a big shift under the hood, and I'm really liking the overall feel a lot more. were "in" a lot games we weren't before bc we have more options than just racing, and that's a strong position.

Stay tuned!

February 18, 2019 12:49 p.m.

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Drakes there more to cheaply counter certain commander-centric decks like Vannifar, Selvala or Yisan and secondarily to steal value like Tymna, Bob, etc. Its a fantastic toolbox card to have access to, but hardly an essential piece of the deck, and def cuttable even in a a full-price list depending on the meta. So just run the next best card you have in that slot; don't worry about finding comparable effects bc the rest of them are just plain bad (a case can be made for Phantasal Image, but it only does half the job).

Now, if Animar is being stolen, you'll prob want to use the same resources you'd use if he was being killed. Stuff like Glen, Skite, Safekeeper, Stormtamer etc. You can also use Cratermaker, Caterpillar or an ETB effect like Rec Sage to blow up a lot of on-board control stuff like Shackles etc. The goal here is to run extra copies of more general effects (esp if theyre on cheap creatures) rather than narrow effects like Glammerdyne or Homeward Path. I'd say Ainok Survivalist then Rec Sage would be my next two picks if this were a major issue in my meta.

February 2, 2019 6:14 p.m.


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